Close friend of Solid Snake, WARMAN is a billion times the man you'll ever be. wears olive camo pants and american flag facepaint. name any object in existance, and WARMAN can kill you a billion different ways with it.

His name is spelled entirely in capitals.
I heard they sent WARMAN to the middle east, and he like, won."
by DANZAIBAR November 26, 2007
Warman (also known as WARMAN or W.A.R.M.A.N.) is a fictional character created by 20th century poet - Aidulf Noyes.

Noyes created Warman shortly after meeting a soldier in the trenches of WW2 in France. It is said that Noyes and this unknown soldier were having a hard time surviving the tourment of the trenches and that the soldier went mad. It is then recounted by Noyes that the soldier leaped out of the trench and screamed "WARMAN" while running in a T-line towards the opposing Axis trench. Noyes wrote in his field-journal:

"it was strange, the soldier leaped from the trench and started screaming out "WARMAN!!" while darting directly towards the trench, he was armed with an M1-Garand rifle and held down the trigger while charging alone at them, as if he had an Automatic weapon in his hands! The garand obviously only fired one round at the enemy and entirely missed them as he was flailing the rifle about while running."

Obviously, the soldier was almost instantly shot down by a German sniper emplacement. But the solider attempted to collect his scattered brain matter and continue charging at the trench in his last moments before falling lifelessly onto the battlefield

Noyes was inspired by this act of carelessness and bravery, and decided to lay down in the trench and write the following poem


He doesn't give a damn about what he wears.


And he doesn't give a shit about his God damned hair


Yeah, terrorism losers, stop your affairs

Warman, Warman.

Fuck Yeah"

Noyes died of AIDS the following week and the poem was passed down as the years went on.

Today, the Warman Legend primarily lives on in the hearts of the Metal Gear Solid 3 fans, who dress the character controlled by the player in the game as Warman. This is as Aidulf Noyes described him in later written poems:

"He wears camouflaged baggy combat pants, with kick-ass boots...and a bandanna...he also wears no shirt, and instead has his suspenders on, keeping his pants on...he is masculine and has the American Flag painted on his face...oh yeah, and he's got an eye-patch"

This image can be created on Big Boss in the 3rd installment of the Metal Gear Solid series, Snake Eater.

Also, like the soldier who Noyes wrote of, Warman must ALWAYS use automatic weaponry, if automatic weaponry is not available by whatever means, warman must pretend that a semi-automatic or even entirely manually-cocked weaponry is indeed automatic weaponry, and the trigger must be held down, as if the gun is fired Automatically...this cannot be stressed enough.

Warman can only run, just like the soldier that Noyes knew. He can also only eat Rats, as they had to in the trenches. He can, also...throw snakes at enemy soldiers because it's something that the soldier probably would've done if possible.

Boyfriend: Baby, shall we play some "warman"?
Girlfriend: Sure, Babe. Get your finger out of my ass and let's hook up the ps2.
by Aidsky Romero January 20, 2008
The act of shaving a woman bald and then being sick on her head.
Hey baby, we can go to the drive thru and get The Warman yeah?
by Schoie12345 October 6, 2008
Janne Warman currently plays keyboards in the band Children of Bodom. He is also playing keyboards for his tech./progressive metal side project Warmen. He is also considered one of the greatest keyboardists of our time.
Extremely easy on the eyes (hot).
Janne Warman is hot.
Worship Janne Warman.
by BodomAfterRoses April 15, 2005
A place where you can find lot's of teenage whores. Most of them are slutty and very easy to get.
Matt: Hey, you from Warman, Saskatchewan?
Typical Warman girl: Yeah, wanna bang?
by Mason Fehr December 13, 2010
A person who talks a lot about important stuff that no one but themselves understand.
He kept talking but I did not get a word, he really pulled a David Warman.
by FU 2016 November 29, 2016
not gay ungay no bumsex area then again, he might be cause someone said all keyboard players ARE but I can't mention this person by name cause they want mod status *rolls eyes* :P
Janne isn't gay. Or maybe he is.
by Ha. February 10, 2005