A person that is so nervous about loosing their job that they will back stab and play on your fears to make themselves appear to be the superior worker. They will try and form alliances with others to back them up in their scheme as well as spread rumors and flat out lies. They appear jolly and happy and go out of their way to make jokes with the bosses but when you actually get to know the person they are more miserable then you could very imagine. They will try and start fights with you and then turn the situation around on you as if you were the bad guy.
Alice was so afraid of loosing her spot at the tin can company that she wagonered Joan (her friend) when lay-offs where about to come.

"Watch out don't get to close to Alice she might wagoner for your position"
by lostarts September 20, 2008
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Rather large early sport utility vehicle manufactured by American Motors/Jeep. Often confused for a steroidal station wagon, these usually wooden clad beasts of burden are often seen on the sets of movies shot in stereotypically small towns. Although they appear to be rather unwieldy, they enjoy a splash through a puddle as much as a YJ or any other Jeep. Although they are frequently plagued by electrical problems and Saggin Wagon Syndrome, their owners love them nonetheless. By far the cheapest camping vehicle or for when a lot of storage space is a must. In spite of their gigantic, leaky engines and being just plain old, they are still by far the best Jeep ever. Way better than the lame Cherokee.
My Wagoneer costs more to maintain than my girlfriend.
by Mike May 25, 2004
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From The Shining (film)

Jack Torrance: Here's to five miserable months on the wagon, and all the irreparable harm it has caused me.
by mtakil July 4, 2005
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when two dumbasses hop in a little kids wagon and haul ass down a hill.(best when done in winter while snowing)
me and my little arabian butty flew down a hill while wagoning and hit a snow pile
by b.wolfe November 8, 2007
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