A sports team that is on a hot streak, can’t be stopped. They roll over all of their opponents with ease.
Jim: “Did you watch the Yankees game last night”

Fred: “Yeah. Yankees are a wagon.”
by Alsjc August 13, 2019
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A person, typically female, with a disproportionately large posterior.
Todd likes Nadine because of the wagon she's draggin'.
by Jraczkow April 12, 2007
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To go to a place or location quickly like moss to da hood.

A gesture to say goodbye or leaving a party or just mossin
Yo Jermaine wagon to KFC my nigra

Peace niggas i gotta wagon

Naw, B i gotta wagon
by JackfromCompton June 7, 2009
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The term wagon has yet to find a home among the english lanugage, though scientists are hopeful one day its meaning will be discovered
these shoes are wagons, thats a wagon of a hair cut, how was the party oh it was ok a bit of a wagon to be honest.
by the offical english language October 24, 2011
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