Ugh we have a quiz tomorrow, might do the YJ
by Lil Caramel June 7, 2019
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Tastes like Brussel Sprouts
I ate out his and it YJ
by Africaforeverr December 1, 2019
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An abbreviation for, used my members of the male species while members of the female species are present so that they don't know what is being discussed.
"Yo Chad, you get up on that new YJ stuff today?"

"Yeah, Buddy told me all about that crazy BBW action that was up on the YJ earlier."
by getchazum October 12, 2011
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narcissist: I know that you know that I'm great
me: yjs
by Matz-D September 5, 2007
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short for "yeast jeans" for girls or jeans that are so tight they give you a yeast infection
"I couldn't buy those jeans, they were so tight and were like yjs"
by Pussycat~ December 22, 2005
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a yell job. It's where one person goes up to a male and scares him by yelling really loud in his crotch area all of a sudden.
Dave: Dude why did you just haul ass over here?
Jim: Joey just gave me the yj of my life and it scared the shit outta me.
Dave: sucks
by YJsFo'Free April 6, 2008
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