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Rather large early sport utility vehicle manufactured by American Motors/Jeep. Often confused for a steroidal station wagon, these usually wooden clad beasts of burden are often seen on the sets of movies shot in stereotypically small towns. Although they appear to be rather unwieldy, they enjoy a splash through a puddle as much as a YJ or any other Jeep. Although they are frequently plagued by electrical problems and Saggin Wagon Syndrome, their owners love them nonetheless. By far the cheapest camping vehicle or for when a lot of storage space is a must. In spite of their gigantic, leaky engines and being just plain old, they are still by far the best Jeep ever. Way better than the lame Cherokee.
My Wagoneer costs more to maintain than my girlfriend.
by Mike May 24, 2004
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A sports "fan" that jumps on the bandwagon and starts liking a team just because they have started winning.
Fan #1: That guy has never liked that team until they started winning and won the Superbowl.

Fan #2: Yeah, he's quite the wagoneer.
by msurussell May 14, 2012
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