UK English term for a sandwich, particularly said from Birmingham upwards. The London equivalent would be "sarnie".

Probably comes from the word butter.
"What've you got for your dinner?"
"Cheese butties."
by Noodle May 14, 2005
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Get us a sausage and egg butty from the shop, kidder
by Ste-vo August 13, 2003
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South Wales slang for a male friend or acquaintance. See also butt
1. Alright butty, how be?
2. Don't mess with John, he's Mike Tyson's butty.
by porth84 February 15, 2005
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Adjective. Kinda chunky or hefty or a mission to get through.

From Northland, New Zealand.
Far, that laptop is butty as! I bet you can't fit it in your bag.

John's watch is a bit butty, it looks kinda ugly on him.

Woah, that's a butty sandwich- I'm always up for a challenge though.
by Yeah Nahmate February 4, 2020
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an endearing term to call your partner, particularly one with a nice butt. your "butt" buddy, or the person whose butt belongs to you.
"Hey butty, why don't you come over here and lend me some suga?"
by sarahsunshine777 June 26, 2014
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(n) a person whom you think is being annoying or obnoxious
Give me that back you butty!!
by bmonstahh December 19, 2013
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Im going to my locker to get my butties. (shoes)
by Brandon Ransom March 17, 2005
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