An acronym of feline lipstick engine weasel i.e a cat.
Lipstick engine because the penis elongation process is similar to that of a stick of lipstick being screwed out of it's casing.
Hey, did you empty flew's litter tray this morning ?
by slssfw May 20, 2005
past tense of fly, refering to many people, in the african american community.
by the Real Governor September 13, 2007
verb. has flown. invented by casey.
i did that before, and it flewed out.
by g-thizz June 5, 2007
a disease causing you to look much younger than you use to look
Oh my gosh! Jake you look like a child. Do you have the flew?
by jacepackscake November 30, 2019
When a girl gets eaten out by an guy/girl that has the flew
jarry:Nigga I Flewed the shit out of her


jerry:(cough) yeh nigga
by hotfuzzlond March 31, 2018
When someone slays your existence hard by serving fierceness or a look, your wig gets snatched off and flies off into the distance.
Becks body is so snatched! Wig flew.”
by Wigtaken November 7, 2017