A person originating from an arabic speaking country in the Middle East or North Africa. They are people of any religion. Not all arabians/arabs are terrorists, not all arabians/arabs are Muslims, and not all Muslims are terrorists. Arab-Americans are actually one of the most educated ethinic groups in America. don't hate on them because of crazy mother fuckers like bin laden and saddam. and don't ever call them a-rabs, or ay-rabs, saying it like that is a racial slur, and only shows your ignorance and intolerance.
a lebanese muslim is an arabian/arab and a muslim
a palestinian christian is an arabian/arab and a christian
a pakistani is NOT an arabian/arab, and isn't necessarily muslim, but most likely is.
by Arabian Queen March 19, 2006
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A breed of horse that is known for having a dished face. Came from Saudia Arabia but are now all over the world. Also the oldest pure breed that is said that all other breeds originate from. A shortened name for an Arabian horse is an Arab
by Michelle Eubanks June 30, 2006
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"Arabian" is the adjective that relates to the Arabian Peninsula. "Arabians" are not an ethnic group; "Arabian" is not a synonym for "Arab".
If "Arabians" were used as a noun referring to people, it would refer to people from the Arabian Peninsula (i.e. Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Jordan.
The three traditional components of the Arab World are the Maghreb (North Africa), the Mashriq (the Levant) and the Arabian Peninsula.
by HallOfMirrors June 06, 2009
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a flip similar to a front/back tuck, but the legs are spread apart and brought inward while holding the shins

Usually preformed by gymnasts on Floor- can be used on Vault and as part of an Uneven Bars dismount
Samantha Pezsek prefomed an Arabian Double Front in her Floor routine
by repoed2 January 12, 2009
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The act of forcefully injecting a lollipop into someone's rectum while simultaneously slurping it.
Dude my asshole is so sore, Trevin Arabian Lollipopped me for two and a half hours last night.
by Boyardeeboyz4lyfe March 24, 2017
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When an Arab who has a headwrap has their cell phone lodged into the headwrap so they may talk hands-free. I have actually seen this.
You: Wtf that guy has a cell phone sticking out of his turban and he's talking on it!

Me: Yeah that's the new arabian bluetooth. They're not very expensive, all you need is a phone and a towel.
by pureglaucoma February 01, 2011
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The act of dipping your testicles into a bowl of Fizzy Soda.
Man 1 - "She grabbed my balls and dunked them into her Coke!"
Man 2 - "Wow dude, I love the Arabian Bubbles!"
by The Coxdogg September 24, 2010
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