Vaxy- Hot girls.
Vax- is the singular version means Hot girl.
Them vaxy were very nice.
by Playas 1 and 2 May 31, 2009
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Someone advocating for, or imposing, vaccination or biosecurity measures in a coercive or totalitarian fashion, i.e. in a style reminiscent of a Nazi. Plural: Vaxis.
Calling them 'anti-vaxxers' is a Vaxi move. They just don't want this vaccine.

Looks like the Vaxis have taken over media AND government!

The Vaxis don't care about informed consent and will remove freedoms to enforce the experimental therapy.
by nilhumanum June 10, 2021
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Vaccinated. Immunized. Safe to get into whatever fucked-up shit you want to with a goddamned mask.
Jethro: u up?
Matilda: You vaxied yet?
Jethro: You know it.
Matilda: I'm DTF!
by MediumRare December 26, 2020
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Everyone knows what a selfie is. A vaxie is a self-congratulatory selfie you post to Facebook after each dose of your COVID vaccine. Posting your side effects in great detail earns you extra good citizen points. Posting a vaxie is way cooler than say... posting images from your last colonoscopy (which also shows your audience how brave and awesome you are, but it's not as trendy).
Surely the vaxies I just posted on social media will inspire everyone to be as wonderful as I am!
by AskAnnieZee April 5, 2021
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when you clean your bell with bleach
it bloody hurt...
by tom November 25, 2003
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to describe one who has been vaccinated
That girl hella vaxy now.... she got them antibodies in her body!
by MangoPineapple1234 March 22, 2021
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