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A delusion self-congratulatory label for someone who has not idea when to buy and especially when to sell a stock. Supposedly one who refuses to sell despite temporary downturns and marginal gains to hold on long enough to hit the big win and attain fantasy stock-picker-genius status. But, in reality, has no clue how trading or investing actually works and squanders the meagre life-savings accumulated from their $35,000 a year loser job, pawning their electric guitar, and stealing money from their mother's top dresser drawer.
Ed: So, you gonna sell the Game Stop shares now? Doubling your money to $10,000 in three days is pretty cool!

Norton: No way, man, I got diamond hands, I'm holding on all the way to the top!

Ed: So, now that it's crashed what are you gonna do?

Norton: I still got $350 in my account, I'm holding on till GME hits $1,000 per share. Diamond Hands, bitches!

Ed: NO, you cannot sleep on my floor.
by MediumRare February 5, 2021
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Vaccinated. Immunized. Safe to get into whatever fucked-up shit you want to with a goddamned mask.
Jethro: u up?
Matilda: You vaxied yet?
Jethro: You know it.
Matilda: I'm DTF!
by MediumRare December 26, 2020
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To be REALLY freakin' cool. Replacing words like "awesome," and "sick," and "rad."
"Man, that is VICIOUS!"
"Did you see that Holiday poster that they made today? It was so vicious!"
by MediumRare December 1, 2011
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