The science of sticking a camera in the anus to find problems withing the digestive system.
Did your family go for their colonoscopy portraits at Wal-Mart yet?
by Ricky Lambert November 22, 2004
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A medical excuse to anally rape an individual while simulaneously searching for problems with the digestive tract.
Tom's colonoscopy revealed he had a cyst in his small intestine.
by Thillbilli November 21, 2005
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The over-use of smilies, often as an entire message in an SMS or instant messaging. The reason for the word being called "Colonoscopy" is that most smilies utilise the colon symbol ":".
Perry: What do you think of that movie?
Timothy: :) :/ :( :P :S :D
Perry: Stop that colonoscopy, fool!
by Lord Aexerus February 7, 2011
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A one-on-one meeting with a supervisor who exhibits particularly severe micro-managerial tendencies. Unlike a real colonoscopy, a virtual colonoscopy is generally performed without the benefit of a sedative or pain medication, thus resulting in considerable psychological trauma post-procedure.
1. Hey Bill, I gotta run off to see my manager. It's time for my weekly virtual colonoscopy (VC).

2. Boy, my virtual colonoscopy was even worse than usual this week.
by Sailor613 September 18, 2009
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Examining and editing text for the overuse of semi-colons.
His writing was concise; it was lyrical; but it had too many semi-colons. It required a semi-colonoscopy.
by cabot wonder June 16, 2010
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When you're giving a colonoscopy, and the patient voluntarily or involuntarily releases gas and/or fluid, resulting in a "backsplash."
Guy 1: How was work? Knock out a lot of colonoscopies today? You are a colonoscopist right?
Guy 2: That's not a thing, but yeah, unfortunately it wasn't great though.
Guy 1: Why??
Guy 2: Well, one of my patients ate way too much Carl's Jr. and I had to deal with mad colonoscopy backsplash. I don't think my shirt will ever be the same.
by thewordlady January 24, 2017
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v. The act of opening the brown eye of someone very special using a gynecological speculum, sprinkling some nose candy into the dark hole, then packing it in with your hard flesh arrow.
Vanessa: "Ouch! my ass is still hurting and my heart is pounding! What happened last night?"

Manuel: "Actually, a whole gang of us decided to give you a Columbian Colonoscopy... You're Welcome!"

Vanessa: "Oh that makes sense."

Manuel: "By the way, you owe me 20 bucks for the coke."

Vanessa: "Lame!"
by RedDan69 January 27, 2011
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