*verb: 1. to finish, to deplete 2. to move quickly (of an object)

From what i've heard of its usage, "rince" is nothing like its homophone "rinse". It is often used pejoratively.
1. "I can't believe you rinced all my cookies"

"He rinced a bottle of vodka that night"

2. (UK) football/(US) soccer "I heard the ball rince the net 3 or 4 times in the last 5 mintues!"

"The Ferrari rinced the Toyota round the circuit"
by Matt A from the UK August 15, 2006
to rince someone is to pwwn them or they just got pwned.
that person just got headshotted, i know he got rinced.
by chrisssslive March 10, 2010
the same as saying pass or give
rince me that ball man
by Bruce April 15, 2004
A rich boy who doesn’t care about their looks and hate everyone
He is such rince why would we like him
by FNAFISCOOL May 23, 2021
To be totally owned by someone, normally during a fight or online game.
I rinced him good and hard
by Ultra T February 7, 2003
Princess is a nice to her friend mianzy however she's a scared when it is dark..
by Princessuwu May 23, 2021
person#1 ur such a useless rinces

person#2 i know
by qtomgsqvbh June 13, 2020