An individual beholding the name 'Matilda' is an extremely talented, intelligent and unique female. She's got a great sense of humour and can brighten anyone's day with her optimistic attitude. She's great in bed, even outside the bed. Not to mention she's quiet, yet mysterious while being incredibly hot and sexy. All round, she's the perfect girl. This girl's adventurous and thrilling demeanour makes anyone melt. She'll cast you under her spell, maybe even her being cast under your spell too. If you ever meet a Matilda don't let her go.
That girl over there HAS to be Matilda.
by JJ Parenko February 10, 2016
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The greatest person to ever live. She is so smart, pretty, kind.

She is absolutely amazing. Anyone would want to be friends with her. She is SO hot its a joke! Matilda is a real babe. Guys would be lucky to get her.
by wowthatscool January 23, 2012
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if Matilda has the force power to move things, surely she should should be able to force choke her principal
by OfficialGrapeStudios March 20, 2016
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An individual with the name ‘Matilda’ is an extremely talented, stunning and unique female who deserves the best. She has an amazing sense of humour and is a great laugh, she can brighten you day just with her presence. She can be a bit quite from time to time but she is always having a laugh. All round, she is a perfect friend and would make the perfect girlfriend, this girls thrilling and adventures demeanour can make any ones heart melt! Matilda always looks her best and doesn’t let embarrassment get in the way of her having a great time with her mates. She’s a keeper that also loves some good food
You just know she’s a Matilda from her looks and laughs
by Sophie me x October 2, 2018
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the best person you will ever meet, funny, lovely, friendly and the best she is amazing and smells amazing all the time don't ever let Matilda go. She loves To go BWAH and never is selfish or mean.
Whos that pretty girl over there

oh its just the amazing girl matilda
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Matilda is a wild crazy female who has such a contagious laugh and smile. She smiles all day and is the most joyful person you’ll ever meet. If you ever find a Matilda don’t let her go you won’t find many like her!
Look at that girl over there, she is such a Matilda
by T1ll90u1n70n November 25, 2018
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A young child (male or female) that is clearly more intelligent than those responsible for them, typically the parents, but also teachers, coaches, babysitters, etc.
Hey, watch that Matilda fool that woman.

Little Jamie totally played her parents - she was totally a Matilda.
by kevin234 August 24, 2006
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