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the beverage in which is usually consumed when listening to jacob sartorius' song 'sweatshirt', but the song is so bad you better hurry before it drinks itself.
"Hey, let's listen to Jacob's new song sweatshirt!"
"Sorry, I can't I've ran out of bleach."
by petrude02 June 26, 2016
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Only the best medicine money can buy.
Works wonders!
The cure for every problem, it's the secret doctors don't want us to know!
Trust me, and just try it. 1 cup of Bleach and see how it effects your life, just imagine a world of No Jacob Sartorius, No Job, No School!.
Bleach is the easiest way to cure every problem you have and its cheaper than going to the doctors yourself. They will tell you the same thing!
Bill: "Drink Bleach"
Bob: "Are you sure Bill?"
Bill: "Of course man, its fine! Here, Have some of my Clorox"
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Bartender- what will it be?

Guy- I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
Bartender- I got just the thing.
(brings back bleach and a revolver)

Bartender- go nuts!!
by SentimentalBoy June 26, 2016
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A delicious, thirst quenching beverage.
Want to get rid of your thirst, as well as other problems? Drink bleach!
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by LilMemesDictionary December 03, 2016
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1. hella clean
2. synonym fo gasoline
1. That track was bleach.
2. "I spit bleach, I'ma leave you all blonde" ~Birge
by uclAB March 12, 2010
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My Favorite Drink to get on the go at Walmart!!
Brian told Me to Drink Bleach, and when I did, I died a day later.
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by WeridGirl101 July 02, 2016
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