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When someone says surely, you know what's up.
Man 1: Oi
Man 2: what?
Man 1: Surely.
Man 2: Surely.
by Thiccsy March 04, 2020
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A girls name which describes a personality of outgoing,loud, and lovable. The physical aspects of a ''surelys'' is small,large busts and long hair. Usually listens to rock(especially paramore/escape the fate) Usually threatens people physically despite her ''smallness''
Taylor: Today in class surelys was extra loud,as always.
Manny: And her butt is HUGE!
by alannaomg123 May 14, 2010
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She's a unique person.
She has a great personality and is very unique. She is very pretty.
She is very funny and awesome.
She is also very smart and confident.
She is very honest and cunning.
Girl:i don't know how to cook
Boy: go and ask surely to teach you
by Edidididi August 16, 2019
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Surelys is a girl that is beautiful, sexy, has lots of friends, and usually has long hair. She is nice but don't mess with her. She will always be there for her friends and you can always count on her
Surelys is outstanding
by Dictionary.truth12 March 03, 2017
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