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When a person feels the need to watch his or her neighborhood for any behavior they see as bad/dangerous and will ruin anyones day. Although they consider themselves good citizens they are often intimidating and could possibly be mistaken for a neo-fascist leader.
Clint: *breaks glass* I love breaking glass. Its pretty cool and totally harmless. It makes the street look like it has diamonds in it and totally enhances the look of anything.

Will: I agree. It does look pretty cool.

Good Citizen: Hey, You wanna pick that up now?!?!?! I'm saying this with a beer in my hand. I think later i'll go drive in my car and get in an accident but i'll judge you for breaking glass and making the ground look like it has the appearence of diamonds. Rawr. I'm a totally raging alcoholic, I'm a good citizen making kids pick up shards of glass.
by iwannabeanalcoholic April 17, 2005
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Someone who likes to dink around for the good of the country. They go out of their way to make sure people are dinking around in a grateful matter. A good citizen never fails to impress his/her other fellow dinkers.
John Smith: Hey you there! your not dinking around right! wanna go carpet skating??

Joe Smith: Oh Hey John! I'd love to go carpet skating around; thanks for being such a good citizen and teaching me how to dink around the right way!!
by care!/professional dinker. March 23, 2011
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