A 3rd party YouTube app you use to get all YouTube Premium features for free. It was discontinued officially on March 2022 for legal reasons. Launched initially as a root-based "YouTube hack" for Android devices in 2017, Vanced has seen a massive cult following over the years. Thankfully, many alternatives and replicas of Vanced now exist, the most notable and popular one being ReVanced. Fair warning though, the community surrounding ReVanced seems quite like a circlejerk and is hostile to anyone that doesn't put the project nor its devs on a pedestal.
For Android users there are many ways to get Re-Vanced, which can be a bit confusing (I certainly was). To my knowledge there are only three ways:

▸ First way is to install both ReVanced and MicroG from an apk. You will then be able to use ReVanced as a separate app.
▸ Second way is only for rooted Android devices, which is a magisk module that modifies the existing YouTube app into ReVanced (the "YouTube hack").
▸ A third way—which is what most would recommend—is ReVanced manager. It's sorta like a combination of the first two methods. Within the manager you can either choose to install ReVanced as a separate app, or modify the existing YouTube app for root-privileged users.

Tl;dr 1st is quick and dirty. 2nd is most convenient for rooted users. 3rd is official and has the best of both worlds.

First two are obtained from an unofficial website called revanced.io, the 3rd is obtained from official GitHub.

I did the 2nd way because I was rooted and didn't care for a separate YT or manager app. Don't listen to anyone who says not to try the unofficial site and its methods, they work perfectly. Enough of that "mAlwArE" fearmongering BS. And to be fair, revanced.io is probably the most 'official' unofficial site out there for ReVanced. I would be cautious of other sites though.
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian December 18, 2022
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One who cheated at golf cheated
Cory Vanced on his golf score this weekend
by Darcy Clark May 6, 2005
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The act of stalking someone through the use of Snapchat maps or the act of getting stalked

The word is inspired and originated from a teenager in Adelaide named Joshua Vance. He is known for vancing.
Vancing, Vanced: “Henry is at a bando in Belair, I’m vancing him”, “I was at bay alone because I was pressed, but I got vanced by my mates instead”
by TwintowersIsa January 28, 2023
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Vance is the one person you trust wholeheartedly, but you can never tell if they trust you. Vance is kind, intelligent, charismatic, and humble. They will support you no matter what. You can try to get them to open up to you, but it never seems to work. When meeting a Vance it is best to be straight forward. Don't skirt around what you want, they are too intelligent to be fooled, especially by liars.

Try to not give away to much about yourself as well, they love puzzles and being mysterious is something that makes them want to talk to you more. Vance can be extremely gorgeous, but don't let that trick you, Vance has zero idea how attractive they are and never seem to brag about it even with perfect skin and hair.
Most of all, never limit Vances freedom, they value it more than anything, and taking it away will make them feel trapped and alone, which is something that plagues Vances mind the most.
Be kind to Vance, even if they seem intimidating, it may be the best choice you've ever made.
Person A: Who is that person with the great hair?
Person B: Their name is Vance.
by Ares September 6, 2019
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Vance is an amazing, Nice and very charming person. He is always flashing his smile and loves to laugh. He loves to do anything that is energetic. When you see Vance he will always make you smile.
Woah! Look what Vance just did!
by K33P 1T R3AL March 11, 2015
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One of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet. He has a great sense of fashion and can easily pop a wheelie. He has the most dangerously adorable smile ever, it's very contagious. Watch out for his laugh that might make you fall head-over-heels for him! Don't confuse him with Lance, they are two completely different people. He won't get upset at you if you do mix them up, because he's a very nice person. Stay close with Vance and don't break his heart.
Girl 1: "Hey you know Vance? His eyes and smile are so dreamy..."
Girl 2: "I know, don't go breaking his heart. He's a pretty sensitive guy,"
by guavaava September 19, 2018
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1.an exceptionally talented person.
2.being the best.
iam the vance at video games
by senior bacon August 1, 2006
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