The thing you wake up every morning to see, and tell corny jokes for the reason you tickle him out of nowhere, what you wish to see every day you possibly can it leaves you wanting more it makes you feel like you can do anything and your the most amazing person ever because you made HIM SMILE
Girl1... What's that smile for
Girl2... I was just thinking about his smile it soooo sweet
Girl1... I totally understand
by Hallo582 January 14, 2018
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When someone says hello or hi like there about to start a long conversation and you really don’t want to talk to them but you don’t want to be mean so you give them a hi smile. It looks kind of like a forced smile.
Helen: hey Lilly you know the maths homework...
Lilly: (hi smile)
Helen: (walks off
by That_Girl_On_Stage April 19, 2019
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