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A member of a social network group or forum that continuously posts incredibly shitty music, while commenting to themselves alone. Threads reaching upwards from 5 to 65 comments per post from op to bottom.
All night last night, Jeff was vancing a thread with Nickleback videos. smdh.
by Soffa Realhz September 14, 2013
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When some takes way too long to get something done. Also known as "Barry Whiting"
How long does it take to wash a car? He has been doing it for 3 hours. He is Vancing it!!

Man he is making love to that car, it's cool...he is Barry Whiting it!!
by chrismac1981 June 17, 2011
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The act of taking vyvanse. A state in which someone is so cracked out that they may experience tunnel vision, extreme focus, sweaty palms, clammy extremities, heart attack, and/or death. This person will do nothing but work. The ultimate ADD medicine
I haven't been to class all semester; however, I am vancing so hard right now that I did all of my work. I'm so afraid... I can feel my heart pounding, and my limbs are cold.
by Sir Vance-a-Lot May 11, 2011
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