Vance is the one person you trust wholeheartedly, but you can never tell if they trust you. Vance is kind, intelligent, charismatic, and humble. They will support you no matter what. You can try to get them to open up to you, but it never seems to work. When meeting a Vance it is best to be straight forward. Don't skirt around what you want, they are too intelligent to be fooled, especially by liars.

Try to not give away to much about yourself as well, they love puzzles and being mysterious is something that makes them want to talk to you more. Vance can be extremely gorgeous, but don't let that trick you, Vance has zero idea how attractive they are and never seem to brag about it even with perfect skin and hair.
Most of all, never limit Vances freedom, they value it more than anything, and taking it away will make them feel trapped and alone, which is something that plagues Vances mind the most.
Be kind to Vance, even if they seem intimidating, it may be the best choice you've ever made.
Person A: Who is that person with the great hair?
Person B: Their name is Vance.
by Ares September 6, 2019
Vance is an amazing, Nice and very charming person. He is always flashing his smile and loves to laugh. He loves to do anything that is energetic. When you see Vance he will always make you smile.
Woah! Look what Vance just did!
by K33P 1T R3AL March 11, 2015
One of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet. He has a great sense of fashion and can easily pop a wheelie. He has the most dangerously adorable smile ever, it's very contagious. Watch out for his laugh that might make you fall head-over-heels for him! Don't confuse him with Lance, they are two completely different people. He won't get upset at you if you do mix them up, because he's a very nice person. Stay close with Vance and don't break his heart.
Girl 1: "Hey you know Vance? His eyes and smile are so dreamy..."
Girl 2: "I know, don't go breaking his heart. He's a pretty sensitive guy,"
by guavaava September 19, 2018
Vance is a very kind and loving person, he is the bestest friend you could find on the surface of the world. he is the best boyfriend in the world too, he will always be there for you when youre crying or down. You can trust Vance with anything too, he hides all of your deepest secrets and will always be loyal.
by enternicknamehere21 April 13, 2019
(noun) - A person of such exquisite balance and grace that they defy the laws of gravity. They are often seen casting spells of charm on girls by simply flashing their brilliant smile. On the weekends they occasionally consume coal and excrete pure diamonds. They tend to urinate liquid gold within five hours of drinking soda, and bullets after drinking alcohol. They spend their free time crafting prosthetic limbs out of superlight-titanium alloys, which they fit to amputee veterans.
Example1: "Holy crap! Vance just saved Chuck Norris' life!"

Example2: "That's not possible! Vance just pressed to a handstand and then walked on his pinkies up the stairs!"
by Twirl Matzah January 7, 2010
A nice guy who is usually too nice for his own good. Is normally an on and off pyromaniac and addicted to making things explode. Willing to do something very stupid but knows when to stop. Usually very nice to others and protective of friends. Is also usually attracted to Asian women and will be more than willing to give a lap dance to any girl he is attracted to. Is also usually sought after by gay men and almost every kind of woman. Will be dedicated to the girl he is with and will be willing to stop any of his bad habits (being a Pyromaniac), especially for her sake and will treat her as best as he can, which will be pretty damn well.
"Oh my god, who's that hot guy over there?"
"That's my boyfriend, Vance. Be jealous bitch."
by chance22 January 6, 2012
An amazing guy who can make anyone’s day better just by smiling and laughing. He’s cute and kind. He will keep asking if you’re ok when he knows you’re not and he’s just the best!
Damn Vance is the best
by Newsome24 November 19, 2018