Adelaide is classified as a slum or, more accurately the back-slum of Australia. The tallest structure in Adelaide is Westpac House (132 m) - That's less than half the height of my house!
Person 1: Where do you live?
Person 2: Adelaide.
Person 1: Oh, right. The back-slum of Australia, they call it!
by Elated Squash February 28, 2016
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A small little town which thinks it's a big modern city.
Which is apparently the capital city of sowf ostraya,
which has been given the wooden spoon award, taken away from Tasmania.

As mentioned, a small town with a very ageist sexist and discriminating attitude.
The minds of people in this town do not have the ability to think
outside the square and suffer greatly from Stockholm syndrome.

The young are extremely entitled and think there shit doesnt stink
and blames all there woes on the boomers, not knowing what a boomer

actually is. The youngs idea of a boomer is someone who is older than them
Eg a 16 year old saying a 42 year old is a boomer.

Monkey see monkey do is the norm here. Speaking of monkeys,
this little town is full of flying monkeys, if your quick you'll
see a few as they fly past.
A: Hey, I was in Adelaide yesterday
B: Adelaide huh, (rolls eyes) did ya catch some flying monkeys?
A: Fekkin' oath i did, they're everywhere
by Lala and Po 2 April 7, 2022
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Adelaide is the best person you’ll ever meet! She’s a girl with beautiful hair and soft eyes. She is an amazing dancer, and has very good taste in clothes. Everyone loves Adelaide because whenever your feeling down she will always make you feel good about yourself. She always has a ton of friends who love her. All the boys want to be hers. She’s hilarious, good looking, amazing, but most of all loving!
Adelaide is such a nice friend!
by ash cabbash January 7, 2018
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Adelaide is a sweet, beautiful, caring young girl. She is one of the best friends you’ll ever have.

She brightens your day with joy and love, you better never let her go. She also makes all girls envious
Boy 1: Hey, who’s the new girl? She’s cute.
Boy 2: She’s Adelaide, and you’re right. She is pretty
by kirstennotkristen April 7, 2018
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A small town in the middle of nowhere, once believed to be the capital city of South Australia (pronounced sowf ostraya).
It is a central breeding ground for mono-cellular pond slime,
that proliferates to the northern suburbs extending into the eastern suburbs and more recently new estates in southern suburbs.
A: I'm going to adelaide for a holiday
B: where's that?
A: in souf ostraya
B: Holiday? Adelaide? are you nuts
by lala and po September 3, 2010
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She is a very loyal girl and has so much love bundled up inside her and just gives it to everyone she cares about any one or anything she never stoops to love she is great and is very smart and makes anything in to something good even if it's bad she sees the bright side to almost anything Adelaide is awesome and
Adelaide is a great girl
by Addie spencer February 10, 2017
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The absolute most amazing person on all of planet Earth. There is not a kinder or more pure soul out there. Adelaide cares about everyone and every thing, even if that someone doesn't appreciate her amazingness. You'll be lucky if an Adelaide ever walks into your life. Because most likely, you probably wont deserve her.
"Who's a person you look up to and aspire to be in life?" "Adelaide, duh."
by charles daniels the 3rd July 4, 2018
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