A Lance is a boy who you will never forget. A Lance is a boy who struggles with life. He tries to be happy but sometimes can't do it. He likes to be alone but has a few friends who he loves to be with. He's a ladies man, which makes his ex quite jealous. Lance is one of a kind, he is somebody who won't judge you for who you are. He will stay by your side for whatever you go through. You want to date a Lance but you're not sure if he's ready for it. You love Lance, and always will.
Lance, you're the best!
Lance, I love you.
by hang_over November 14, 2019
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A lance. They’re seen as a person who has many friends, but they may prefer to be lonely. Though, deep down they have a couple of good friends they would like to be with. A lance will never fail to upset you, and can always make you from sad to happy. Never loose a lance, because they might need you just as much as you need them. They might look down apon themself, but that’s because they fail to see the best part of themselves. They can do it, but they think they can’t. It’s up to you to show them that. They’re amazing, and if you have to leave them it will be hard. Because, a lance will never hurt you. They will love you for who you are.
“Is that lance? Fuck yeah it is!”
by Anon_ym_ous May 7, 2018
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A born badass; incredible person.

Has a great sense of humor, and can always make you laugh. He will help you with your problems, and will keep trying until you are happy. He can make you happy when your're sad, and is a faithful and Loyal friend.He is a natural leader, and likes to take charge of things and lead groups of people. He is very friendly, and likes to have many friends. He has a great smile, and will never give up. If he starts something, he has to finish it, and strives to make things as perfect as they can be. He is a ladies man, and wont usually dump you. He likes to draw, and likes to expose his likings to his friends. If Lance enters your life, make sure to never let him go.
I love you Lance!
Lance, can you help me with my homework?
Mom, what should I get Lance for christmas?
by otakuking101 December 30, 2014
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Lance is the best person you’ll ever meet. If you ever date a Lance, never let him go! He’ll make you the happiest person alive! He’s so handsome and his smile lights up the room! He’s someone you can always talk to and someone who will always be there for you! He’s really popular and has lots of friends! He’s the best boyfriend anyone could ask for! He’s a God giving blessing! He will stick by your side through thick and thin! He’ll always stay true to you no matter what! If you ever need cheering up or if you just need a laugh, he’s the one that can make that possible! His laugh is so amazing! He enlightens your heart! He really gets you in your feels! He’ll love you unconditionally!
Omg, Lance is here! Time for everyone to cheer up!
by Nationals37 November 5, 2019
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To have the perfect balance.
For example:

If your partner is too clingy, she don't have the Lance.

If she is lady in the street and freak in the sheets, she has the Lance
by Kapiche January 2, 2020
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Lance's are the most incredibly rare creatures 8) they have

phenomenal personalities ;D If you find one make sure you lock him up in your closet and swallow the key, cause they are people who will always be faithful and loyal :) when you need them, they'll always be there for you. They are easy to get along with :3 Through any bad situation, they can always make you smile with their funny sense of humor. If you let a Lance into your life they'll brighten up your world ^^ Lances have immense beauty and are extremely talented in the arts. :) They are passionate and can triumph through any obstacle in life no matter how hard the situation may be in, and some how are are always able to have a smile on their face and willing to help others :. They'll be the best friend you'll ever have :)) And as a lover, you are lucky with out a doubt, they are prefect in every way, for they are very caring and thoughtful, though others may see "faults", you see perfection, you are not blinded but gifted to see who and what they are. so never let these people out of your life, for they are the most amazing people you could possibly meet. Lances will change your life forever.
Lance is a gem inside and out
This i'm sure without a doubt

I love you lance. :))

lance lance lance i could say that all day!! xPP
by naynaywashere8D January 9, 2011
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