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Wam could mean anything, but the definition I was looking for is the abbreviation for the sexual kink known as "Wet And Messy". Apparently it's been around for quite a while (a while in my POV is two decades).

Basically the premise is that some people (me) find it erotic when girls cover themselves or play with certain substances that have satisfying tactile properties. For me, it's anything with a thick, viscous and slimy consistency, such as honey, simulated mucus, nuru gel, or slime itself. This kink is most (in)famous for using food substances, but this is entirely optional (I prefer non-food substances, with the exception being confectionary stuff like syrup or whipped cream).

This kink can be depicted with or without any additional sexual acts being performed. I personally find it really erotic when the performer wallows and slides around in the substance on a flat surface.
My journey with WAM began as a pre-teen when I realized that watching girls sliding around in fucktons of shampoo or laundry detergent was a massive turn on
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian December 8, 2022
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A very weird way of spelling Macbook...
Someone: how to connect blotooth headfones to makbuk?
Me: wut
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A large tablet that wants to become a laptop but fails to do so. iPad Pros are mainly targeted towards the creative folks that like to draw. It's great for creativity and entertainment purposes, and while it's not a bad device to do work on, it still cannot rival laptops for sheer productivity (even in 2021). You might as well just get a Microsoft Surface or any 2-in-1 windows laptop instead.
John made the right choice and went for the Microsoft Surface Pro instead of an iPad Pro for his productivity needs.
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When you drop an object—often something small—on the floor and you try to pick it up using sound cues, but it happens to be in the opposite location of what you've initially predicted.
Jim was busy writing his essay until he accidentally dropped his pencil on the floor. Without looking directly, he bent down towards his 5 o'clock because that's where he thought he had heard the pencil drop, but turns out that the pencil fell to his 12 o'clock. Jim just had a echomislocation.
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian September 6, 2019
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Basically just plain ol' psychology. Reverse reverse psychology only exists when the other person assumes that you are doing reverse psychology on them (when you are not).
Sgt McDonut: "I wouldn't press the button that says 'eject' if I were you."

Pvt Cummings: "I know you're just reverse psychology'ing me, so I won't."

Sgt McDonut: "And that's exactly what I wanted you to do. The button was to eject me out of the plane, not you. Thankfully I factored in the possibility that you would think I'm doing reverse psychology. And even if I was unaware of your mental gymnastics, your reverse psychology guess would've screwed you anyway because the eject button for your seat was in my hands all this time. Get reverse reverse psychology 'd son."

*Pvt Cummings gets ejected out of the plane*
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The only community on the internet (other than Twitter) that will make you feel dirty, bad and morally ashamed for lord knows what. Getting cancelled on Reddit is 10x worse than on Twitter as the downvotes explicitly hammer down on the cancellation, making you all the more visible target for people to cancel you.
After posting a success story on Reddit on how John was able to get loads of Amazon items for free, John immediately got cancelled by the entire community saying that what he was doing was sleazy and morally corrupt. Several attempts to explain the situation proved futile as the hivemind was in full control of his narrative, not John himself. Poor John just wanted to share his success story, but nonetheless got his Reddit account suspended. Too many goody-two-shoes felt like they needed to give John the "justice" he oh-so deserved. In reality, the "justice" made only 0.0000000000000000001% of a difference.
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An aphorism intended to be used by any intellectual to tell someone to get to know their subject better before spreading outright BS.

Unfortunately, the phrase has more often than not been abused by internet trolls, zealots and narcissists as a hilariously hypocritical thought-terminating cliché. If used by trolls, they will go even further and link the same exact sources that you would have used against them, thereby deliberately angering you even more.

This phrase can also be used satirically, facetiously or sarcastically. In this case that is totally fine.
▼Correct/Benevolent usage▼
John: Eyy bro! Glad we could meet up at the mall. Wait, where's your mask?

Robbie: Eh I forgot it at home, but I figured I wouldn't get covid anyway cause I got the vaccine. Besides there's not many people here.
John: Bro wtf? Do you not know what the masks are really for? Please do your research man.

▼Incorrect/Malevolent Usage▼
Troll: I can't wait till that new Xperia phone comes out! I love that they are using a 144hz display.
User 1: Are you joking? It states everywhere that the display is 120hz, not 144hz.
Troll: Do your research bud. Clearly you must be trolling.
User 1: I did and you are wrong. Trolling?? LMFAO hypocrite.
Troll: *sends a link to Sony's website which blatantly states that the display is 120hz* Here's your proof bud, it says 144hz. How does it feel to be wrong?
User 2: Ugh somebody report this troll please.

▼Satirical/Facetious/Sarcastic Usage▼
Friend 1: Probably the most stupid vine I ever saw was that kid who kept saying 9+10=21.
Friend 2: What?! Are you telling me you don't know that 9+10=21?? Do your research girl! Haha.
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