occurs when a woman wears tight jeans without underwear and the hard seams painfully mash themselves into her undercarriage, leaving an angry red waffle-like pattern.
When Jerri first heard of what getting a twatwaffle was, things just got real for her.
by Moggraider May 15, 2008
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Constant bigoted reDumbdence that is heavily secure in the puny mind of a god complex having p.o.s. who probably lives with their aunt because the twatwaffle speaking has a personality a mother couldn't even love.
If this asshat doesn't stop twatwaffling I'm gonna lose what little i have of my own damn mind!
by RaeMRae84 September 28, 2019
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adj. a term to describe a girl at work who appears to be sweet but often settles disputes via bitchy e-mails and beleives that she is superior to her coworkers
"Dude, did you see that e-mail Candy sent out yesterday about the timesheets?"

"Yeah, that girl is such a little twatwaffle."
by Mermaidface December 27, 2008
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A man who tears a woman's pussy up when having sex.
Janet's vagina has never been the same after that twatwaffler got done with it.
by DJ Jew-C August 08, 2007
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1.) An annoying short person (hobbit)
2.) To be a wimp ( Don't be a twatwaffle Chris)
3.) Used to call someone a homosexual ( Nice skinny jeans twatwaffle)
4.) Used for someone being a douchebag ( Dude, stop making fun of him you're being a twatwaffle)
5.) Someone who ruins something for everyone ( Messing up someone's fun)
That woman i met was being such a twatwaffle i just didnt have the heart to tell her.....
by Kyle&Chris&Alberto September 21, 2010
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Recently added to the endangered species list; Envied and by all, A twatwaffle is a magical sentient being that flies around on rainbows; it is a friend of unicorns! Businesswomen like the inspiring nature of a twatwaffle, often referring to them as "a team player" and "a great asset." Morning wood is myth, men everywhere are having sudden, spontaneous erections after they've been exposed to a twatwaffle. If said erection lasts longer than four hour, consult your physician. When twatwaffles are not swirling around in the sky, you can often find them digging around in medical waste or pushing homeless people into their own shallow puddles of urine.
Businesswoman: "Is that a pencil sharpener in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

Man with erection: "Oh, no. I caught a glimpse of a rare twatwaffle yesterday!"
by Fe-Fe Beaux Bananahammock June 17, 2009
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