Another way of calling someone stupid, a bitch, and idiot, or annoying.
Matt Horanzy just punched me in the face, what a twatwaffle!
by sorrymatt April 25, 2014
v. Twatwaffling requires the loose labia typically found on older women or ones who have given birth vaginally. The act of twatwaffling requires the waffler to straddle the face of the wafflee, and thrust about in such a way that the wafflee gets slapped by the dangling bits of female flesh.

The female equivalent of teabagging. Can be threatened or simulated by women with smaller labia, often as a joke or prank.
I'll nuke you from orbit and twatwaffle the corpse.

First to pass out at the slumber party gets twatwaffled.

Keep talking like that, and I'll be twatwaffling you when we get home.
by Larayne March 20, 2014
occurs when a woman wears tight jeans without underwear and the hard seams painfully mash themselves into her undercarriage, leaving an angry red waffle-like pattern.
When Jerri first heard of what getting a twatwaffle was, things just got real for her.
by Moggraider May 16, 2008
adj. a term to describe a girl at work who appears to be sweet but often settles disputes via bitchy e-mails and beleives that she is superior to her coworkers
"Dude, did you see that e-mail Candy sent out yesterday about the timesheets?"

"Yeah, that girl is such a little twatwaffle."
by Mermaidface December 28, 2009
A man who tears a woman's pussy up when having sex.
Janet's vagina has never been the same after that twatwaffler got done with it.
by DJ Jew-C August 9, 2007
1.) An annoying short person (hobbit)
2.) To be a wimp ( Don't be a twatwaffle Chris)
3.) Used to call someone a homosexual ( Nice skinny jeans twatwaffle)
4.) Used for someone being a douchebag ( Dude, stop making fun of him you're being a twatwaffle)
5.) Someone who ruins something for everyone ( Messing up someone's fun)
That woman i met was being such a twatwaffle i just didnt have the heart to tell her.....
by Kyle&Chris&Alberto September 22, 2010