What you say when something is outrageous (usually accompanied with a shaking of the head or outstretched hand)
-Sees her mother twerking-
Jane: Oh Nah!

Jim: Jane, would you ever date me?
Jane: Oh nah!

Jane: Yo when I went to the party all I saw was twerking yo, I was like Oh Nah! I was OUT! I ain't about that life, son.
Jim: Word tho, I saw Mary all up on John, getting it in like Flynn!
Jane: Oh Nah! You bugging! Stop lying.
Jim: Straight up tho.
by A I Am November 16, 2013
what you say when some dude be wilding out in different languages
Shahi: ওহ নাহ কিসের জাহান্নাম
Japhy: oh nah
by Jpahy August 17, 2017
An expression meaning no if, ands, or but. No exceptions.
Would you ever have sex with a crackhead without a rubber?
Oh hell nah!!
by Slice the pie! October 22, 2017
When you see some you don’t like or you look at your ex and you be like oh hell nah
Is that... OH HELL NAH
by Miranda 🤣😭 April 26, 2020
an expression of disagreement or rejection basically.
oh hell nah bro i aint gonna fucking suck ur cock for 10 cents but that autistic 6 year old would
by ah ah ah you are dumb November 22, 2022
Usually used as a replacement for “ hell nah “ or “ fuck no “. Used in a moment where someone says something that is very ignorant and stupid and it surprised you ( but also not rly because in most cases you see it coming based on the person )
+ You and your crush are having a conversation*

The local, ignorant, white bitch that you have a crush on: “ blm is a racist movement and alm matter “.

You: “ oh baby nah dat ain’t gon work“ .

* you educate his dumbass *
by December 6, 2020