Noun- Is the combination of the word twat-a person regarded as stupid or obnoxious/a woman's genitals. and waffle- grid- patterned pancake-like food that's tasty with syrup.
Twatwaffle- is a girl with no self-respect, low standards, no goals, If and when this degenerate is in a relationship a few shots makes her forget all about her "boyfriend" and whoever buys her the most drinks is taking her home. Unfortunately you will find upon encountering a twatwaffle that her downstairs is spoiled and feels/tastes like a soggy waffle left in the Arizona summer for two weeks. Remember kidies some things are forever such as herpies.
"Damn bro check out that hottie", "who oh oh nah bro that girl is a straight up Twatwaffle, abort mission"
by LullabiiSkies January 22, 2020