It is a party in which a group of friends, esp. girls, sleep at one friend's home.
“All the boys went, and we’re having a slumber party!” Alice announced, driving Bella to the Cullen's house.
by mirkariver July 6, 2010
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Where several youngsters share a child's bedroom during his nap-time, to make said unwelcome sleep-period seem less boring and distressing. Similar to how a small group of neighborhood pre-teens will jog along wif a child who is having to do boring/arduous chores around da yard, so dat he feels less unhappy performing said drudgery.
Parents take note: if your child finds nap-time so torturously agonizing that he actually needs to hold an impromptu slumber party just to get through it, perhaps he doesn't even need the naps at his age, and so you should no longer insist on them.
by QuacksO August 5, 2019
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awesome band, made in SC, HMB, SM, B-town, and what not. they = love.
lets go to HMB and listen to slumber party in action!
by oliviaaaaaaa May 12, 2006
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Its like that, but you're supposed to do something more depraved than shitting in a purse!
After the slumber party, I proceeded to stick various fruits and vegetables in her anus..
by JT the Shit!! September 8, 2006
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A gathering of girls mainly teenage who stay up all night. They also tend to watch High School Musical and eat junk food.
Let’s go to the slumber party!”
by A Peculiar Person July 28, 2018
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When a group of lezbian girls get together and have a "sleepover". Usually, their parents can tell if there is a slumber party going on upstairs because the whole house is vibrating because of the 28 6.9 inch vibrators that were simultaneously turned on.
Yuri and Ligma had a lesbian slumber party last night because their parents were not home.
by Long w e e n boi November 13, 2019
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When getting a blowjob from your girl, right when your about to blast your load down her throat you jam her all the way down on your dick, and pinch her nose so she passes out from suffication.
My girl was giving me dome last night and I gave her a fuckin slumber party. When she was passed out i shit in her purse.
by nambla #1 August 1, 2006
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