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as a verb: to annoy, harrass and stalk women online; to do so by lying, using underhanded methods, and drawing others into the "discussion"; to be an asshole online;

as an adjective: to hijack a thread so that any discussion whatsoever is altered to one about the supposed unfairness suffered by the hijacker

AKA "to cornhog" or "cornhogging"
Susan was excited about that thread on quantative easing she began until some dufus conhogged it.
by Pinkie_Flamingo February 18, 2011

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to tell someone to hurt themselves, very badly; a curse.
When the ginormous corporation's troll fires you, you can say "go fuck yourself sideways".
by Pinkie_Flamingo November 01, 2010

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christ onna cracker (Adverb): an expression of supreme condemnation of the act of another; a denouncement; a castigation
Christ onna cracker, locking yourself out of the house twice in one day is fucking brainless.
by Pinkie_Flamingo March 06, 2011

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A problem of one's own making which is of truely epic proportions.
When Julie and Sarah decided to lie to their folks so they could go to the concert neither was allowed to attend, they created a donkey girl scout mess for themselves.
by Pinkie_Flamingo November 05, 2010

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ihazapout (Verb); to project a a bad mood; to be cranky; to be bitchy; to be disappointed; to have bad grace about some unmet emotional need.
After Cathy called me to cancel shopping with me yesterday , I was ihazapout for the entire evening.

When Tom's team lost to New York's, he was ihazapout for almost a week.
by Pinkie_Flamingo March 06, 2011

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The poster on a bulletin board who nags others about going off-topic.
Sally was the one who kept quoting the Op. She was being a threadmother.
by Pinkie_Flamingo December 27, 2010

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Dictionary Dickhead (Noun) A poster who uses ever-more-detailed demands for definitions of the words used by other posters to prevent anyone else from discussing a topic he cannot understand.
That thread was almost fun, apart fro the 17 posts made by our favorite dictionary dickhead.
by Pinkie_Flamingo October 23, 2011

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