Why do you pick on him just because he's gay? Don't be a twatwaffle.
by Packin May 19, 2016
a verry nasty whores vagina. dirty vagina. vagina very infected with stds. a nickname for sean g. an insult.
frodo is a dirty twatwaffle.
by tarah March 31, 2004
A pervert; someone who comes into chat looking for sex; c2c; a green card; or shows their "privates" on cam to children, while masturbating. A foppish man who uses a huge font to make up for his "short-comings".
A man who exposes himself on cam to children, and then asks if the child "ENJOYED IT" is a twatwaffle!
by Shady Windwalker September 26, 2011
twatwaffle is a multi-use word. It can be used a a pick up line.......Example. Hey sexy, wanna see my twatwaffle??
Or it can be used as an insult. The best def we have come up with is.....A 250 pound 2 bit whore sitting on a george foreman grill.
Hey twatwaffle..............STFU and sit down !!
by whiskey007 September 2, 2006
1- loose nasty dirty hairy vagina
2- a whores vagina infected with std's, hardcore std's
3- O.F.
When Olivia told my friend she was ugly, I responded by calling her a nasty fuckingg peice of twatwaffle
by Olivia Fishman- twatwaffle January 9, 2008
Bitches that call at 12am because they "have a test tomorrow" & then bring the heat thru your dorm room door
Topanga & Kendal like to act like Twatwaffles while we are watching Dirty Dancing
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
A sexual type of inuendo that involves eating out, and syrup.
Man, me and my girl was there in the kitchen, and I made her a twatwaffle.
by DirtyDeeds69 September 9, 2008