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1. A person who believes that they are superior to others (and thus deserve favored status) because of their intellect, social status, wealth, or other factors.

2. Somebody who believes that society should be ruled by an elite class.
The acedemic's elitist, arrogant outlook made it hard for him to make friends with people.
by Deej July 26, 2004
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The plural of elitist. In short, a person, or group of persons, who believes something about them make them superior to others, and they feel the need to flaunt their superiority.
Elitists are scum, no matter who they support.
by Dark Chaos August 12, 2004
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A snob. A person who feels superior to other humans based on superficial factors such as wealth, education level, physical appearance etc...ignorant people crippled by a childish sense of entitlement resulting in a failure to understand that as a species we are all one.
Elitist: Why do I have to look at these poor people? I'm so sick of hearing about these dumb ass hicks with no ambition. Why don't they just go to Harvard like I did? Where's that kid with my coffee?

Real Person: Grow up you elitist prick; you're living a lie.
by WakeUpDummy September 17, 2011
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In video gaming- an individual who invests an excessive amount of time in said entertainment and derides others for not doing so.
Elitist: omg 0.78 k/d ultra noob!
Player: I have better things to do than waste hours of my life trying to beat imbeciles like you.
by Fenrir_ April 19, 2011
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A person who holds him or herself to higher standards than those of lesser beings because he or she is naturally more honorable, intelligent, funny, good-looking, and awesome than the rest. Elitists are usually well-groomed and well-dressed, although this is a not one of their defining qualities. Also, elitists have the right to look down upon others but often don't for the sake of saving the time and effort needed to criticize those of lesser abilities.

Elitists exercise often and eat healthily to keep their bodies fit and desirable-looking. In addition, elitists are too smart to do drugs,

Elitists have stimulating conversations that keep their minds fresh and their lives active.

Elitists are proud of being elitists but are secretive at the same time; for instance, the elitist code used by elitists to facilitate their advanced conversations is a well known phenomenon for those who associate with elitists; however, only elitists will ever know this code.

If you don't understand this definition, or voted it down, then you aren't an elitist. Nothing to worry about, but it just proves that you are a lesser being...that's all.
by realelitist July 23, 2006
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An actual elitist is someone who treats anyone who is not as rich/strong/popular as him/her like dirt. A pretentious jerk who has no friends and acts like he's important to make himself feel better.

However, this is also a word sometimes used in politics to marginalize a person who actually knows what they are talking about, uses scientific evidence, or who knows how to lead. Rather than elect someone who is the most qualified to run a country, people would rather vote for the person they see drinking a beer on the news, and as a result countries end up with Presidents like George W. Bush.
Person: I think that this candidate has a good plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, he has a lot of scientists backing him up.

Idiot: But is that candidate someone I could have a beer with? I want a candidate who understands the needs of the people.

Person: But shouldn't the people have a leader who cares about real issues and bases their decisions off evidence?

Idiot: Sounds like an elitist to me.
by WellinformedCitizenry May 19, 2008
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Contrary to people who think that there are actually people that are elitist, most people who are elitist are arrogant pricks who place themselves as higher than others without actual evidence of their higher standing. Elitists also come in many different shades and colors, from the college student-use big words-smarter than everyone, to the gym rat who thinks that because they spend 1/2 their life lifting weights, that their life is in some way worth more than a piece of toilet paper. Most often, when one is confronted with an elitist, the first thing that anyone feels for them, upon learning that this person regards themselves as an elitist, is utter repulsion at the fact that this animal scum believes themselves to be in any way above their fellow primates.
Look, John over there left some piss on the toilet and forgot to flush, - some elitist.

Sue sure knows a lot of big words, yet she never has anything of substance and just comes off like an elitist.

Boy, Joe sure is a model specimen of what a comic book character should look like - I bet he eats a lot of protein and looks at himself in the mirror often - on top of that, I'm sure that if he was attacked by a tiger, he would sure be a tasty meal with all that flesh.
by Joey5944 June 06, 2007
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