Someone who is extremely co-dependent and needy af. Always a clinger and whiney. #leach #clinger
No on each like her, she's a twatwaffle.
by THE REAL SHIT June 1, 2017
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A complete douchebag whose narcissism is unparalleled. To earn the title of twatwaffle, one must post selfies whenever they eat, drink, or take a dump. Additionally they must comment on every social and political issue that is trending for that day, usually hijacking someone else's thoughts. Twatwaffles are fueled by likes and comments on facebook and will go to any lengths to get them.
Did you see that twatwaffle's selfies today? Who takes that many pictures of themselves with a corn dog?
by KoolFrood June 9, 2020
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Complete idiot that mere idiot, dumbass, or imbecile can not adequately
Swan from S810 is a Twatwaffle
by Gotcha89 January 20, 2023
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An idiot. Someone that doesn't have a clue
Justin Trudeau is a Twatwaffle.
by SirFartAloT6 January 16, 2022
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1. a messed up mangina
2. a guy who is trolling women online and acting like a jerk
3. a descriptive reference to a womans sexual organ that is not pleasing to the eye ie:rare roast beef chewed on by a pitbull
"Stop being a twatwaffle!"
by n30n_1 August 23, 2008
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Someone you adore but you're too douchey or awkward to call an actual real pet name
Them: whose she?
You: thats my twatwaffle dick
by froggerr November 26, 2020
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