an interesting word used in place of douchebag.

can add other words to make fun refrences to female genetalia
ex: well god damnit woman, why you got to be such a twatwaffle?

ex: well god damnit woman, i just wanna eat your tasty toasted twatwaffle
by nunsgonewild121 February 20, 2011
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A poor excuse of a woman with vagina that is so shriveled up that it looks like a defrosted waffle yet the owner of this vagina still believes she is panda vagina status!
I'm in no mood to handle her twatwaffleness today!
by MS.KUP November 26, 2014
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a verry nasty whores vagina. dirty vagina. vagina very infected with stds. a nickname for sean g. an insult.
frodo is a dirty twatwaffle.
by tarah March 30, 2004
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A pervert; someone who comes into chat looking for sex; c2c; a green card; or shows their "privates" on cam to children, while masturbating. A foppish man who uses a huge font to make up for his "short-comings".
A man who exposes himself on cam to children, and then asks if the child "ENJOYED IT" is a twatwaffle!
by Shady Windwalker September 26, 2011
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twatwaffle is a multi-use word. It can be used a a pick up line.......Example. Hey sexy, wanna see my twatwaffle??
Or it can be used as an insult. The best def we have come up with is.....A 250 pound 2 bit whore sitting on a george foreman grill.
Hey twatwaffle..............STFU and sit down !!
by whiskey007 September 01, 2006
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