1.) An annoying short person (hobbit)
2.) To be a wimp ( Don't be a twatwaffle Chris)
3.) Used to call someone a homosexual ( Nice skinny jeans twatwaffle)
4.) Used for someone being a douchebag ( Dude, stop making fun of him you're being a twatwaffle)
5.) Someone who ruins something for everyone ( Messing up someone's fun)
That woman i met was being such a twatwaffle i just didnt have the heart to tell her.....
by Kyle&Chris&Alberto September 22, 2010
Twatwaffles is one of the most well known group chats to the BambinoBecky community. it is full of absolute bitches who don’t stop talking. They are somehow always included in some sort of drama but that is only because they are extremely popular and live rent free in everyones heads. The girls are actually very pleasant people and aren’t as bad as people make out. if you ever come across a twatwaffle, say hello, they welcome everyone.
oh the twatwaffles are tweeting about how much becky loves them again
by beckyBUTbecky September 14, 2021
Recently added to the endangered species list; Envied and by all, A twatwaffle is a magical sentient being that flies around on rainbows; it is a friend of unicorns! Businesswomen like the inspiring nature of a twatwaffle, often referring to them as "a team player" and "a great asset." Morning wood is myth, men everywhere are having sudden, spontaneous erections after they've been exposed to a twatwaffle. If said erection lasts longer than four hour, consult your physician. When twatwaffles are not swirling around in the sky, you can often find them digging around in medical waste or pushing homeless people into their own shallow puddles of urine.
Businesswoman: "Is that a pencil sharpener in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

Man with erection: "Oh, no. I caught a glimpse of a rare twatwaffle yesterday!"
by Fe-Fe Beaux Bananahammock June 17, 2009
A poor excuse of a woman with vagina that is so shriveled up that it looks like a defrosted waffle yet the owner of this vagina still believes she is panda vagina status!
I'm in no mood to handle her twatwaffleness today!
by MS.KUP November 26, 2014
an interesting word used in place of douchebag.

can add other words to make fun refrences to female genetalia
ex: well god damnit woman, why you got to be such a twatwaffle?

ex: well god damnit woman, i just wanna eat your tasty toasted twatwaffle
by nunsgonewild121 February 21, 2011
Constant bigoted reDumbdence that is heavily secure in the puny mind of a god complex having p.o.s. who probably lives with their aunt because the twatwaffle speaking has a personality a mother couldn't even love.
If this asshat doesn't stop twatwaffling I'm gonna lose what little i have of my own damn mind!
by RaeMRae84 September 28, 2019
shes got some nasty ol twatwaffle in there
by t-wot-waff-le October 16, 2003