Complete idiot that mere idiot, dumbass, or imbecile can not adequately describe.; however, to earn the title of twatwaffle, one must also attempt to assert authority/expertise where none is had, or use power/authority when they are offended by things that most people find humorous, and then use that authority to get the "offenders," in trouble and the "offending material" removed.
That female 1SG that got an ARCOM for trolling Army Soldiers on Facebook and getting them in trouble is a real twatwaffle.
by HardRock Medic January 2, 2015
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An individual who is not only an imbecilic they wield their idiocy as a weapon and often fall into positions of power in which they can corrupt and decay the previously working systems. These individuals usually act aloof and disconnected from everyone else and any problems that occur are because other people are not following their intent obviously.
The President is a twatwaffle, he managed to walk into a well running government and crash the economic value of the country by 40% while stomping on the constitutional rights of the people.
by Nanan00 December 26, 2022
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A person so utterly ignorant they should legally be classified as mentally challenged but somehow manage to be a cunt.
Only a fat twatwaffle would wear velour track pants and criticize the fashion of others.
by doobdasher January 16, 2017
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The idiot that gets on your last damn nerve. The person you know that suffers from excessive verbal diarrhea. The one you want to smack in the face with a pick-axe. The person who has done it all and done it better than you.
There is this twatwaffle in my anatomy class who won't shut up even though he is obviously an idiot and everyone fucking hates his sputtering face.
by PleasantlyWeird June 18, 2011
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(Verb). To utter words of such steaming excrement, it is hard to believe any mammal produced them.
I couldn't listen to the entire speech. His twatwaffling was severe.
by Pinkie_Flamingo June 20, 2016
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watwaffle (twat-wah-full):
n.1 An elitist; someone unaware of their own limitations and highly critical of others.
n.2 A general prick. See: douchebag, n00b.
v.1 To ban; to totally pwn.
"That Tom Cruise is such a twatwaffle."
"I was twatwaffled by hurt, a lot."
by Binary Cobalt Hanakari July 9, 2005
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Another way of calling someone stupid, a bitch, and idiot, or annoying.
Matt Horanzy just punched me in the face, what a twatwaffle!
by sorrymatt April 25, 2014
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