Complete idiot that mere idiot, dumbass, or imbecile can not adequately describe.; however, to earn the title of twatwaffle, one must also attempt to assert authority/expertise where none is had, or use power/authority when they are offended by things that most people find humorous, and then use that authority to get the "offenders," in trouble and the "offending material" removed.
That female 1SG that got an ARCOM for trolling Army Soldiers on Facebook and getting them in trouble is a real twatwaffle.
by HardRock Medic January 2, 2015
A person so utterly ignorant they should legally be classified as mentally challenged but somehow manage to be a cunt.
Only a fat twatwaffle would wear velour track pants and criticize the fashion of others.
by doobdasher January 16, 2017
An individual who is not only an imbecilic they wield their idiocy as a weapon and often fall into positions of power in which they can corrupt and decay the previously working systems. These individuals usually act aloof and disconnected from everyone else and any problems that occur are because other people are not following their intent obviously.
The President is a twatwaffle, he managed to walk into a well running government and crash the economic value of the country by 40% while stomping on the constitutional rights of the people.
by Nanan00 December 26, 2022
Not cool or masculine enough to be considered a douchbag, but every bit as irritating if not more so. Whereas a douchebag most likely belonged to a fraternity, the twatwaffle was the target of a frat house. As an older adult, they come off as sniveling wimps and are often at the center of drama.
Bruce is the epitome of a twatwaffle, his nelly attitude combined with his insatiable appetite for drama move him slightly to the left on the kinsian scale, but he’s definitely not gay.
by JMGLosAngeles February 7, 2018
Someone that has a face like a shrivelled up vagina.

Has very little friends and the friends they do have are cockwomble 's
Katie is a twatwaffle, her face is so much like a shrivelled vagina someone stuck a tampon in her mouth.
by Linda Truffles November 26, 2015
A person who's behavior warrants them being described of a loose dangly vagina with warm leathery lips, and slight seepage that has crusted up giving it the smell of a blue room on a muggy July afternoon in Georgia.
That dumb bitch on plenty of fish wouldn't show me a picture of her butthole. She was a complete twatwaffle.

That beedy eyed so cal flat bill bro bra walked up to me. He said "what up my white nigga". I responded " you want punched in the face so hard you die you twatwaffle."
by Twatt Waffle Eatery August 17, 2014
Complete idiot that mere idiot, dumbass, or imbecile can not adequately
Swan from S810 is a Twatwaffle
by Gotcha89 January 20, 2023