piss poor, useless, rubbish, acting like a twat. Generally restricted to blokes but I have heard it used by women against blokes
That was twatful behaviour. Burnsy, you were being twatful
by bu66ly October 29, 2008
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2) A derogatory term for a person whoose behaviour is considered to be extremely or intolerably ignorant, obnoxious, offensive or moronic.
1)A vagina (as mentioned in other definitions)
by Anonymous1928 June 03, 2015
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This is a British phase and is used in the past tense, it means that one beat-up another, however it is also used to descirbe a single yet dramatic hit.
"This chav was all up in Dean's face, so he twatted him, right between the eyes"
by Junyar-Kuro May 01, 2009
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The hairy thing between a womans legs.
There once was a girl named Louise, whose cunt hair hung down to her knees, the crabs in her twat tied her hair in a knot and constructed a flying trapeze.
by Timmy Leary June 13, 2008
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