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1) Pussy
2) A great word to shout when inebriated
3) Another word for what
1) I stuck it in her twat.
2) "TWAT"
3) Twat did you say, I cunt hear you? Tits alright, bare-ass me again! Eh, we'll finger it out later.
by Chode March 27, 2005

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Anybody that can't spell Dumbfuck
If you spell dumbfuck as dumfuck, you are a dumbfuck.
by Chode November 12, 2004

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An old lady that always calls the cops.
Stupid old lady.
by chode November 23, 2003

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1.the gas used on the jews in the halocaust. it came in cans and when exposed to the air it would create a gas. that gas was streamed through the shower heads
kekekeke jews kekekeke
by chode January 03, 2005

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