She is the most wonderful friend a person can have. She is loving, kind-hearted, amazing, loving, caring, and so much more. She plays sports that she enjoys. If you don't have a Gladys in your life, then you need to travel around the world to find one. She is always there for you through thick and thin. She is the best friend you can ever have.
Lex: Dang Gladys is really nice.

Jj: Yeah she's the best friend anyone can have.
by Adpt_Muraj January 22, 2018
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The most amazing girl . She's shy at first. She's funny, always laughing. She's smart. She's the kind of girl that will be there for you no matter what. She's loyal. She's awesome. She's beautiful. She's sweet and kind hearted.
Boy 1: Damn look at that girl.
Boy: She's a gladys.
by Oliver25 February 08, 2014
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Gladys is one of a kind. Happy and active, pretty and wierd. She can bring a lot to the table, so don’t doubt her.
Mom of Gladys-my daughter is just the sweetest soul
Dad of Gladys-I know right. There’s always some smile going on.
by Emma Meglaro May 27, 2018
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the most amazing person you'll ever be lucky enough to meet. extroverted , kind , and creative. she's an artist naturally and it shows in her original style. she's an icon and an inspiration. she's also your favorite granny friend who's always baking for funsies. she's the life of the party and can make any situation fun. she's also not afraid to be straightforward and gives great advice. she's the best of friends and deserves the whole world.
Gladys is the best person I've ever met.
by sunnieshines May 06, 2018
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The most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is smart, strong, and beautiful. Anyone would be happy to have her as a girlfriend; she is loving, caring, compassionate...

Damn, my girl is a Gladys!
by lovepink123 March 03, 2011
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Gladys is a sweet beautiful woman that will be there through thick and thin. She is always by your side when you need it she is also a very loyal person. When you first meet her she is very shy but she can be very funny and has a lot to bring to the table.She is very sexy and pretty. She is also very very THICK. If you have a Gladys don't her go.
Him: "do you have a gladys"
Her:" Yes why?"
Him: " plz keep her and don't let go"
by Sahra gmelu March 09, 2020
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