what you say after landing a trick on a skateboard, snowboard, etc.
Did you see me nail that trick. I stuck it.
by terrorist March 5, 2005
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1. A saying derrived from the famous Halo 2 trailer where Cortana bets Master Chief he cannot stick a plasma grenade on an enemy Elite.

Imparative: Stuck

1. Xbox Live Users use this phrase to express glee or joy from sticking an opponent with a plasma Grenade.
by Joey G January 20, 2005
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Finally being happy in a relationship after several failed attemts that made you feel stuck.
I felt stuck in my marriage for years, now I am happily remarried and could never leave my spouse, now I am stuck stuck.
by tigerpalm September 16, 2013
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Getting stuck in is to fully commit oneself (mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually) to a cause of great meaning; be utterly committed and determined to reaching your objective. If a person is fully stuck in, nothing can stop them from reaching success. It is a very respectful term that can be voiced to those you love in order for them to have good luck/fortune.
Person 1: I'm off to write a math test.
Person 2: Get stuck in lad.
Person 1: Thanks man I'll try my best.
by Sheepherder37 December 27, 2018
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To be either extremely tired, high, or spaced out or zoned into something to the point where you are able to stare at the wall for hours and enjoy it.
"We gunna get stuck tonight." or
"That girls ass was so fine i was stuck" or
"I was so tired last night, i was more stuck than a paraplegic" or the more famous "She started to rub my penis and i got stuck"
by Wally B 84 August 19, 2011
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When you're sad about something and can't get over it and just feel stuck
"Hey I heard your girlfriend broke up with you last week"
"Yeah it's got me stuck"
by Anxious. March 7, 2017
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One who is a totally rad ass fool and a crazy german.
Whats up Stucke!?!
by InsideTheBoks September 7, 2009
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