To hit/strike someone, normally in the face or the genitals.

The phrase "I'll twat you one" is closely linked to this word.
Past Tense:

Guy 1: My Grandmother was looking at my porn collection yesterday...
Guy 2: Jesus man, what did you do?!
Guy 1: I twatted her one and it was lights out.

Present Tense:

Guy 1: Look a bunch of emos!
Guy 2: Let's start twatting them!
by Dave(thepunkyone) January 9, 2006
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Verb: To Twat

For any individual, male or female, heterosexual or otherwise, to engage in excessively flagrant dramatic and /or manipulative behaviour in a shameless attempt to draw attention to themselves or otherwise "ascend" the social hierarchy through stubborn and misguided insistance, thereby becoming a general nuisance to those around them.
"What the hell is wrong with Jon today?"
"Oh, you know Jon. He's twatting, AS USUAL."
*sigh* "What a drama queen."
"Oh, I know...."
by OGGhett0 April 11, 2010
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The female equivalent of the tea-bag. I.e. To dip ones "twat" onto another's face.
Bro, that party got crazy last night. Vicky totally twatted elle when she passed out on the couch! Twatting is hilarious!
by Twat1000000 May 7, 2012
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When Girls talk shit about guys right near them on Twitter.
Girl 1 (Via Twitter) : "This Guy sitting next to me in class is a Total Ass Bandit ". #Twatting
by Where's The Queef? April 13, 2012
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Gratituous overuse of the @ on Twitter. Especially when there are more @(name) than actual message content.

Someone who exercises Twatting is also known as a Twat.
User1 at 13:37 from web
@Knobend1 @Knobend2 @OtherPerson @OMGHAX @something @morepeople @mooncheese @toast hi

User2 at 13:39 from web
@User1 you're twatting too much stop being a twat
by tehcmn October 13, 2009
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1) A derogatory term for a person whose behaviour is considered to be extremely or intolerably ignorant, obnoxious, offensive or moronic.
2) A vagina.
He is such a twat
by ds3882 August 29, 2017
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