Trojans AKA RATs (remote administraion tools) are pretty cool tools which you can use to gain access to a remote PC. You can do lots of things to the remote PC you are controlling you can open/close cd drive, remote shell(Command line), Screen/cam campture, Passwords, Key logger, download/upload files, execute+delete files Etc.

To access a remote PC Via RATs you must execute a Server (trojan) on the remote PC Either by sending via Email or MSN etc

To access a Remote PC you must first build your server which when executed on the remote PC will connect to your PC this is called Reverse connection where you can gain control of PCs behind Routers and Networks.

When building your server you will be asked to enter your DNS/Static IP so the remote PC can connect to your PC through a Port of your choice

Using these tools does NOT mean you are a hacker because it requires no skill and is easily detected by Anti-viruses (even though you can buy a Undetectable trojans)

Unfortunately RATs have fallen into the hands of immature people who send trojans to their friends and format their drives for no reason at all.

Programmers Often spend alot of time Building these Tools and most dont get enough respect for it.

So be careful what you download it could be a trojan and a immature noob could steal your data and your passwords
Noob: Hey, accept this its a well good game
Guy: wtf this makes my PC slow
Guy: no way noob
Guy: hey wat doing to my PC u send me fucking trojans didnt you
Noob: Kekekekeke ^^
by hisham March 28, 2007
An item in mariokart that protects you from red shells.
Im not worried about your red shell I just got a banana so now I have a trojan.
by mrfletch May 11, 2007
An enemy of Persia, someone from Troy.
Kill the trojans!!!!111!!!2!one two three
by Gumba Gumba April 7, 2004
1) Mascot of USC (Univeristy of Sounthern California)

2)A brand of condums that come in many varieties
1) Bill: did you see that Trojans game last night?

Mike: Yeah, it was awsome

2)Shella: Dan, did you bring the Trojans?

Dan: Yeah, i brought some lubricated ribbed ones.
by SovietZone April 3, 2009
its a type of warrior... like crazylike folk... who battled for shit... i think they wore horns on their heads like crazy mofos!
you are a crazy trojan warrior dude
by lizbian February 16, 2004
see: useless

these are a type of condom that sucks royal balls.
NEVERY USE TROJAN use durex, they're safer
trojan sucks, use durex instead....
by akasomeone March 13, 2006
Someone who chain smokes 3 decks a day
Matty: Another one already Page?
Page: Meh....
Matty: Youre a fuking Trojan
by SteveMattyPage July 12, 2006