Someone who chain smokes 3 decks a day
Matty: Another one already Page?
Page: Meh....
Matty: Youre a fuking Trojan
by SteveMattyPage July 11, 2006
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a traditional skinhead who is proud to be working class and listens to oi/street punk/thrash; also tradskin or mod; or rudeboy(if into the whole ska-reggae scene). NOT a racist bonehead or neonazi bastard. generally has a shaved head, sometimeswith sideburns, and weres braces, jeans, big steel toe boots, and a big leather jacket. dosnt like labels or the government very much. trojans can be any race, religion, or sex. likes drinking beer and fighting. also angry and poor.
that trojan fucking kicked the shit out of that naxi cunt!!
by eden April 04, 2005
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A type of computer virus that rides inside a packet of good files, where it lies in wait to FUCK YOU IN THE ASS!
I accidentally downloaded a Trojan along with the porn I was downloading from www.totallynoviruses.com and the next day my computer was no more.
by Fasteroid March 22, 2016
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you dont want to use it/them but you have to.
"i dont like that trojan person but i have to cause i have to get pass english"
by Encinaboyy December 16, 2008
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when you marry a girl at the big banana because she makes a good apple crumble, and then take her to bali in a suitcase...awwww
"Did you see that guy? Yeah he went of to trojan"
by monty mcmont mont May 10, 2006
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A trojan, or trojan horse is a program designed to look like something harmless, and then cause harm to your computer. It is genreally put on a computer, when someone places an aol disk into the CD rom tray.
aol disks have many uses, placing them into your computer is not one of them.
Trojans have been reported from this use.
by Wolfpawz October 17, 2007
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