An unusual name, often used for a girl. Any person that has this name is a beautiful person and sometimes a little sexy at some points. This persons smile can light up the whole world and can cause a wave of giggles to flutter across anyone who is around them. This person is a total badass but has some restrictions to what they do. They are always nice to everyone even if they have hurt them before. They know how to cheer people up and always do. Everyone wants to be around them because they are a ray of sunshine all the time.

They like to not be in the popular group because they don’t really like all the attention all the time but they are fine with hanging out with them sometimes because even if they don’t really like the person that they are hanging out with they always find the good in them and they both become wonderful friends together.

If you date this person don’t be afraid because they will trust you as much as you trust them. You are putting your trust in an angel and you can trust them and love them with all your heart and they will do the same. If you are looking for a friend this is the way to go.
-OMG there is this new girl called Persia she is so cool and nice, best person I’ve ever met!

- I know she is truly amazing and a complete ray of sunshine!
by Ew that is gross June 2, 2018
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Greek name of the empire of ruled by the Indo-European peoples of the Iranian plateau during the Achaemenid dynasty. The name got carried over by Europeans for more than two millennia. In actuality the inhabitants of “Persia” for millennia have called it Iran, meaning “land of the Aryans”. “Persians”, Iranians, were responsible for some of the greatest contributions to the modern world. Some examples are the concepts of universal human rights under Cyrus, or Kourosh, the Great, the development of the first postal system, intercontinental road system known as the “Royal Road”, modern algebra, medical procedures and analysis of disease, and overall the first empire to form a multicultural basis and the concepts of “states” which have formed the basis of organization that nearly all modern countries follow to this day.
Persians have formed some of the most fundamental concepts in Math, Biology, Chemistry, governmental organization, and modern human rights.
by cyrus III May 8, 2005
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Where all your dreams come true!

Actually, Both a country (Iran) and once an empire (sassanid, selucid, and just plain Persian.) Birthplace of Zoroastrianism, and the coolest person in C3C, XERXES I!
by Pbj banana October 25, 2004
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The BEST country in the WORLD with the most attractive people which unfortunately got screwed by a couple of turban-wearing cockroaches with lice crawling beards.
Persia is also known as Iran but call it Persia anyway.
by Lily April 1, 2005
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An ancient Empire that once owned the known world. They were a major power, rivaling Romans and even capturing Emperor Valerian and reducing him to a slave. Islam sent the Persian Empire into ruins. Eventualy the empire came back in the 16th century to become a power yet again. However, religious fanatics took control and sent the Empire spiraling to its end. Persia was forced to play European powers off against each other during Imperialism and eventually showed improvement under the Pahlavis. However, religion yet again screwed the Persians when Ayatollah Khomeini came and ruined the country.
Persia always showed strength and modern thought until religion came and brought weakness and outdated principles of Arabs.
by Khalil January 10, 2004
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A gorgeous girl/woman who loves to be noticed
Persia you are so gorgeous. I noticed your new phone
by Tink2213 November 13, 2017
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the best and prettiest person youll ever meet ;0
aka me :)
Hey! whats your name?
Oh hi im Persia!
by gummymoon March 21, 2022
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