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Wonderful, peace, prosperous, astonishing;

Persia is a funny and very kind and chill persian girl. She has beautiful thick dark brown hair, chocalate eyes that are amazing to stare at.

A beautiful, intelligent, sexy and successful person that you can't help but want to be with all the time.

Persia is the sweetest girl you will ever meet basically.She is the kindest, most caring person ever who will do anything to make you feel special. And she has the cutest laugh, smile, face, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

the best friend a guy could have. shes very pretty inside and out. she will always have ur back. shell always come up with the best ideas.

At first she will seem quiet and shy but if you take the time to get to know her she'll definitely open up to you and you will see how beautiful she is inside and out.
guy #1 omg you know that persian girl??
guy #2 haha of course i do! her name is persia!! and she's persian!! dude she's beautiful
guy #1 yes i know i would totally bang her
by unhappygirl12345 October 19, 2015
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the most civilized and powerful empire until even after the romans fell. in 559 BC, the persian king Cyrus the great defeated the Mades controlling what is now iran, iraq, and some other countries. Cyrus set out to create a powerful empire. in fact, he created THE FIRST EMPIRE. the word "Persia" comes from the greek word "persis" which means empire. the relative strength of the persian empire at the height of its power was like the relative strength of modern day, china, india, russia, EU, US and japan put together. the persians were the first people in history to give men and women equal rights, abolish slavery and write the very first human and animal bill of rights. they also built in 400s BC the very first stadium, the apadana in persepolis (later burnt down by alexander). the apadana was able to seat 15 (yes, fifteen thousand) people in it, with space left for a grand ceremony. this massive bulding was roofed. unlike the collosium. the arcitectural and worth of this single building, if it lived through the fire alexander put it through, would have dwarfed the city of rome.

The persian empire was a god compared to rome. when rome attacked persia (battle of carhae) with 44 thousand soldiers, a 10 thousand man army from the persian empire crushed the romans, and sent tehir general's head back to rome.

people commonly mistake persians for arabs, this is a fatal mistake, persians are aryans like the germans. they migrated from southern russia. NEVER CALL A PERSIAN AN ARAB! THEY WILL SNAP, THEY MIGHT DO SOMETHING DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH AND/OR REPUTATION!

the persian empire at the height of its power ruled from eastern india, to southern russia, to egypt, to thrace and the persian gulf. they ruled over 80% of the civilized world.

the end of persian supremacy:

after the arab invasion of persia, their culture was weakened by islam. the islamic hordes burnt all books in the persia libraries, destroying the knowledge that took europe 1000 years to re-invent. even after the arab invasion, persia still held a powerful seat in international sayings. Nader (Na-dde-r) shah of persia, restored the persian glory around the 1600s.

modern persia:

until 1935, persia was the actuall name, after than, reza shah changed that to "iran" which was the original name the mades and other aryan tribes gave it. the word "iran" literally means "land of the aryans". in 1953, a coup organized by the CIA to bring down iran's first democrtically elected official (mossadeq) because he nationalized the oil industry. they then installed the dictatoric mohamad reza shah, who was a puppet of the americans. he was overthrown in 1979 after the islamic revolution. which produced a more democratic government compared to the Shah's, but not quite democratic enough. in 1980, iraq invaded iran. possibly a work of the CIA, or the americans, in payback for the iranian's hostage crisis (that was nothing compared to what the US did later to iran). iran fought iraq bravely for 8 years, contributed some 1 million casualties, and pushed iraq back. at this time, iran had no weapons program. iraq was aided by the west with sattelite pictures, and chemical and biological weapons, which they launched into iranian cities. after the war was over, at around 1995, iran started to produce its own fighter jet, and tank. they recently developed their medium range missile. they are now working on their controversial nuclear energy program, which the US labels as a plot to develop nuclear weapons.
the persian empire was the longest lasting power on earth. it lasted for about 1500 years as a world power. 1200 of those, it was THE world power. if it were up to me, the only nation truely deserving of being called an empire was the persian empire. iran is doing much better than all other islamic countries at the moment. it holds 17% of all of the world's resources. it has what it takes to become an empire again, but unfortunatly, the current world power, and the current government make that impossible. you generally dont learn about the persian empire in schools in the US, canada, mexico, and most of europe, simply because of politics. to give you an image of what they are not teaching you, consider this: you were never taught about rome, wwi, wwii, the cold war and the american colonies. all those put together come close to the magnitude of the importance of the persian empire in shaping the world as we see it today.
the persian empire conquered 80% of the civilized world, and managed to keep its borders intact for 1500 years.
by siav October 08, 2005
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As well as a country, Persia is also a sweet girl who cares for people, but doesn't want to show she cares
by A.b.c.e.f.g.h.i January 10, 2017
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Greek name of the empire of ruled by the Indo-European peoples of the Iranian plateau during the Achaemenid dynasty. The name got carried over by Europeans for more than two millennia. In actuality the inhabitants of “Persia” for millennia have called it Iran, meaning “land of the Aryans”. “Persians”, Iranians, were responsible for some of the greatest contributions to the modern world. Some examples are the concepts of universal human rights under Cyrus, or Kourosh, the Great, the development of the first postal system, intercontinental road system known as the “Royal Road”, modern algebra, medical procedures and analysis of disease, and overall the first empire to form a multicultural basis and the concepts of “states” which have formed the basis of organization that nearly all modern countries follow to this day.
Persians have formed some of the most fundamental concepts in Math, Biology, Chemistry, governmental organization, and modern human rights.
by cyrus III May 08, 2005
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Where all your dreams come true!

Actually, Both a country (Iran) and once an empire (sassanid, selucid, and just plain Persian.) Birthplace of Zoroastrianism, and the coolest person in C3C, XERXES I!
by Pbj banana October 24, 2004
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wonderful country with an extremelyinteresting history, got fucked by religion, casuing many to become atheists after escaping the government
persia used to be an example of successful imperialism. now it's just an example of failed imperialism.
by pooz December 27, 2004
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The BEST country in the WORLD with the most attractive people which unfortunately got screwed by a couple of turban-wearing cockroaches with lice crawling beards.
Persia is also known as Iran but call it Persia anyway.
by Lily April 01, 2005
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