Your best friend

Your red is someone you know over 10 years, who is like a brother to you, who just annoys you and you casually call him a bastard
Who is your red“ „ you are my red
by Herrfajo April 17, 2023
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1.Pretending to be Nice, hiding any kind of anger/frustation/anxiety/irritation.
As a tactful measure or maintaining diplomacy, its quite necessary,useful as well as common in daily social life.
1.You would be seeing a lot of guests tonight,you better hide your red now.

2.Hey dude,hide your red!You're not behaving this way in front of seniors.
by Atinb September 15, 2008
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Preforming oral sex on a woman during her period.
Gina is on the rag, guess your getting your red wings tonight.
by wolfram oakdale September 28, 2014
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A rock band from Brandon Florida named after the famous act of performing cunnilingus on a female while on her period.They later changed their name to Running from famous bloodlines and toured with such bands as Cartel,Tokyo rose,A day to remember,Love drug,The party people,In passing,From first to last and many others.
Earning your red wings link
by Ant $ Fam Rep August 2, 2009
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A way of a girl saying that she needs a pad or tampon without being embarrassed
You: Emily can I borrow your red pen
Boy: here you can borrow mine. ( actually gives you a red pen)

You: no I need Emily's red pen
Emily: hands you a tampon secretly under her desk
by xxxCUTExxx December 31, 2016
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When you embarrass yourself you colour/paint your face red. Red being the colour of embarrassment since people's faces become red when they are embarrassed.
T: "Weather report says it's going to rain soon"
V: "I don't think so, they're never right. Let's go out"
T: "Don't blame me if you colour your face red"
*Starts raining just as we step outside the house*
by Thesander March 5, 2019
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A phrase used instead of "Kill yourself" which means to cover your room in blood. Used commonly in gaming for telling someone to kill himself without getting banned.
Player 1: Gg ez, thx for tutorial noobs
Player 2: Stfu nigga, go paint your room red
by Karakondzula April 27, 2023
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