Mexican def- "dos tres"- two three. Describes something that is so so. On a scale from 1-5, something not a 1 but def not a 5- two three two three.
-Yo was she hot?
-Ahh she was Two three two three.
by J-FLo February 20, 2005
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English version of the phrase " Six to one half a dozen to another" meaning two equal parts or choices.
"Should I go left or right?" said the driver. "Six or two threes" said the passenger. "Both ways gets us to the location."
by ruggerelvis February 11, 2010
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bitch sucked me dry next thing u know one two three NUT! on her mothafucking face gee
by I C U M 1 September 12, 2010
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In a troubling or worrisome situation.
"The world's at twos and threes!"
by GeneB January 18, 2004
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A new dance that makes you feel fresh like winterfresh gum.
Im bout to two three step like winterfresh at tha club tonight!
by FlyAway July 18, 2011
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Used in reference to beer sold at corner stores and gas stations, containing only 3.2% alcohol per volume.
"I bought a couple of 40s at the corner store, wanna come drink?"

"You better have bought ten of them, that's three two."
by Jadem August 24, 2005
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