Troy is a smart,cool,funny,caring , and a hot kid(: Troy is always there for people that need him. He hates when people start stuff and spread rumors. he can always make u smile when u don't want to. Troy is the best. Anyone would want him
Hey do u see that hot kid over there?


That is probably a Troy
by Shelby1124 November 17, 2016
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Troy is a boy that is always wanting to joke around and have fun. Troy is excellent at sport. Has lots of friends and is a popular kid in every school. He will find a attractive pretty kind girl fast.
Is that Troy he is a wizz.
by Sugar cubes June 24, 2019
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Also known as a all around REAL ASS NIGGA. If u ever get a chance to talk or even get in a relationship with a Troy your in luck keep his ass. Usally chocolate skin with brown eyes. love to eat If uk wat I mean an all around a cool ass dude who will be faithful asf What more can I say get you a Troy bitch .
Girl that nigga Troy gone be my baby daddy one day
by Tbezzyezzy March 15, 2017
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a guy with a huge dick will fuck you all night every night
Troy is hot.
by by bitchdaddy69 October 24, 2019
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The Everyman. Great lover of Aurelia, goddess of the Mediterranean, kicker of ass. Destroyer of all things. Especially when drunk.
He can do anything, he is a real Troy.
by The_Real_Everyman February 15, 2010
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The nicest guy you will ever meet. Always super attractive and dresses really attractively. Has the most gorgeous baby blue eyes that will make you melt once you catch a glance. he's a total romantic, but will make you wait and prove yourself. Troy is also probably the funniest person you will ever meet, like comparing him to Kevin Hart is reasonable. He's definitely worth anything you have to give, especially time. Troy will make you fall in love with him.
girl 1:Damn did you see that new kid, troy?!
girl 2: OMG yaasss he is sooo hot! DIBS!!!
girl 1: Okay then?
by Ajade26 December 26, 2014
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A very loud person who isnt afraid to say nigger in a group chat
That guy is being a real Troy nigga
by Wyatt Shewell June 16, 2018
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