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Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
by November 05, 2018
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1. Very annoying hacking program.
2. AOL
"I used to have a really popular trojan called aol."
by manutdfan4life February 12, 2005
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1)Citizen of Illion(Troy)
2)Computer hacking program
3)Someone who is a double-crosser
"I hacked that Trojan with my new trojan software however it turned out the person who gave it me was a Trojan"
by Stephen April 09, 2004
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An undesirable person that makes friends with a nice person in order to get in to parties and other social circles and events. As in using nice people in the manner of a Trojan Horse to gain access to places they would not be invited normally.
We were going to invite Jeff to the party, but Michelle will totally Trojan.
by no means no July 02, 2012
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A piece of software to gain access to a computing system, while the owner isn't aware of it's existence.
Often introduced in a system hidden in an appealing looking free paquage or a free game.

In essence the same principle as the "Trojan horse" which Odysseus used to conquer Troy.
"I planted a trojan in her system, I even have access to her webcam now!"
"You really should get a life, dude!"
by BelgainDSoul August 10, 2003
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Someone who wasn't accepted to UCLA.
I hope that someday I don't have to settle for being a Trojan...
by God January 17, 2005
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