person one: "awe man! My DNS is flaring up again"
person two: "sorry about your dry nipples, man"
by pegglers February 20, 2023
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Domain Name Service. Usually a server that runs on port 53 to convert IP names to English words., the class B IP resolves to (Note: all domain names end with their country code. ".US" (dot US) is the default domain name for unspecified countries.
by Bob G Midi June 3, 2004
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Do not schedule. Way of saying 'No meetings'.

Term used to block out time on calendar, usually uninterrupted. Can be used for personal work or urgent deadline-based work.
Hey John, sorry but I'm on DNS from 10am-4pm. Let's schedule the Wednesday meeting for Thursday!
by shutter-shades April 13, 2017
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Do Not Shag. A an obscure yet fundamental branch of man law usually enforced by friends and other people that have your back.

There are 2 levels of DNS:

Catagory 1: The most common application. Do not sleep with the aforementioned unless drunk and intoxicated, which gives you a ready-made excuse if your friends call you out.

Catagory 2: Indefinite. Any kind of sexual encounter with this person is heavily frowned upon, and is likely to result in ridicule. Designed to stop you from sleeping with a heffer or duff when you're lashed and feeling horny. A person may also be a catagory 2 if sleeping with him/her would cause waay to many problems/trouble, e.g. your best friends boyfriend/girlfriend.
Tom: "I heard becky is coming to the party tonight."

Josh: "As long as you're careful bro, she's a cat. 1 DNS. She only looks good after half a bottle of vod".

Tom: "Don't worry about me dude, i've got this!"

Josh: "Haha, it's all you man."
by Lord Derpington of DerpMoar August 8, 2010
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Did Not Start. Where one registers for an event, such as a race, but does not compete in said event.
After weeks of training, and even getting to the race venue, having the flu resulted in her being a DNS.
by Hollyfeld June 18, 2004
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An acronym for Dumb Nigga Special. DNS is reserved for the dumbest of of the dumb and can be used as a noun and an adjective depending on whether it is a persons usual demeanor or if it is/was in a certain situation, respectively
Yeah, bro was a strait DNS, but you know how rowdy everyone gets on thursdays
by Jaypete January 2, 2011
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1. DNS ( Original reason) A black college football quarterback who is under pressure and is not sure what to do just flings the ball to the middle of the field where it is intercepted. 2. Your co worker who received a notice from the IRS that 700 dollars he owes will be taken from his next paycheck decides to spend 700 in savings because a month passed, the IRS hasn't taken it out and he believes they forgot. After spending the money "pow" the next check comes minus 7 bills. 3. A white person is wearing a " sons of anarchy" shirt and your black co-worker comes up to you and says, Oh, I like that show...Sons of Arnoochy. 4. A sports player that makes a bone head mental error e.g. In a tie basketball game with 5 seconds left, the defending player fouls for no logical reason which sends the offensive team to the free throw line. 5. On a 3rd and 20 in football the offense gets 16 yards. Upset that 16 yards was given up even though this means a 4th and 4 will cause a punt, the defensive player drills the offensive player while on the ground which causes a personal foul penalty and a 1st down. 6. Definition has evolved to use in any situation where it is believed that the person is dumb because they are black aka he done did that.
by Icreatedthis June 2, 2013
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