One of the world's leading condom brands.
Quote: Mike the Cool Person from The Young Ones: "A hundred and seventy five pounds worth of durex please."
by The Bodom Beach pervert April 18, 2006
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Durex: Because you dont know where she's been.
Dude, do you know where she's been? Better be packing some Durex.
by Blaino November 10, 2007
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a durex is a type of condom commonly used on horses as to not have the world overpoplulated with little half horse humans(cenitours).if you prefer you could also use a trojan.
pass me a durex i need to do the horse.

or hey were passing a farm pull out the durex's
by jeff bourassa April 6, 2006
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A child born from the use of a failed Durex condom i.e. breakage.
by Mikeytitt May 2, 2008
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A Durex Bunny is when a male has ejaculated into two separate condoms and then places them on their partners head as if they had bunny ears.
Hi John, can you please grab those used condoms over their and give me a Durex Bunny.
by Classique64 December 12, 2018
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Black guy with XXL penis (durex is XXL condom)
Trey: i live a magnum lifestyle Girl: soo i got a durex nigga
by Sharapstar October 17, 2011
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Johney Durex is another way of saying a Rubber Dildo..
I had a fun time with my Johney Durex.
by Wkdwill April 3, 2008
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