1. A former friend or acquaintance whose company is no longer considered to be beneficial to a relationship.
2. One who is deemed or deems him/herself to be of more use to another as an adversary as apposed to an ally.
"Every enemy I have my government made for me."
by nethcev! August 24, 2006
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Someone you hate who hates you back.
A: Be quiet, enemy.
B: I'm the who now?
A: 'lo C.
C: 'lo A.
by Tim XYZ October 24, 2003
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sum1 that u despise and is the oposer of wot u believe in, often an ex friend
neds, nicola boyle and mr mcniel
by steph (nambar wan!) May 24, 2003
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Cockney Slang (Not rhyming) for a man's wife.
Geezer: "A'wight John, you fancy a beano down to Margate next week?"

John: "Ahhhh, sounds great, but can't do mucker, I promised the enemy I'd take her to Cornwall for our anniversary, she's blow a fuse if I end up on a piss up with the lads again"


Geezer: "C'ya later John, give my love to the enemy, won'cha?
by Alpha Kenny 1 March 29, 2016
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the ones u supposed to luv but u hate them cuz they better than u
by Arnold the governator October 21, 2003
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a girl that you fix then you cant get rid of.
an ENEMY is like a moped, she was fun to ride until someone see with it.
by strangler May 29, 2003
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