The truth is that UCLA and USC are both good schools. There are good people and pricks at each school. The rivalry between the two breeds hatred in certain people on both sides. I'm a UCLA student, but I respect USC.

It's cool that we compete in everything, but it should be a friendly rivalry. This hatred is just not needed. The fact that LA can house two prestigious universities like UCLA and USC is amazing.
We're all smart people at UCLA and USC. Let's act like it.
by 'SC is alright with me May 7, 2005
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University of Southern California.

The University where students are too busy becoming rich and successful to talk trash at
Dude, did you see how bad USC is getting slammed on

No man, I'm too busy running corporations, living the good life and gettin that paper
by TheTruthMaker November 3, 2009
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A famous private university in Southern California, whose academic and athletic reputation is overshadowed by a silly rivalry that they have with another excellent school, UCLA. Most students don't really care, but the playfulness of the rivalry is ruined by a minority of mean-spirited killjoys on either side.
USC idiot: Hey UCLA! We've risen 50 places in the US News and world report rankings! We'll probably beat your sorry asses this year!
UCLA idiot: Well, at least I don't go to a university that really stands for University of Spoiled Children. Hur hur GET IT?
by Dank the man July 11, 2008
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A private institution located in Southern California. Has an intense rivalry with UCLA. Although UCLA people like to diss on USC for costing 3x as much, they are ignorant of the fact that USC provides excellent financial aid, unlike public UCLA which doesn't have any money due to the economy.

Not only that, UCLA just raised their fees for next year. How's public school going?
Funny how I have to pay hardly anything because of great financial aid to go to USC while UCLA didn't give me crap.
by huskies555 December 12, 2009
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United States Code

The laws of the federal government established by Congress.
26 USC is the federal income tax code, or the Internal Revenue Code (IRC)
by Jon Davis January 14, 2004
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The best way to get ahead in business in Southern California is to go to USC and spend most of your time drinking and ass kissing the other rich brats
by JoJho November 11, 2006
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USC is where the homeboys at (South Central, LA).
by USC August 16, 2006
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