A member of a great family that has an alumni network of over 300,000 members worldwide. It is currently ranked higher than UCLA, NYU, UVA, Tuft, Michigan - Ann Arbor and many other prestigious universities. In the past 5 years USC has won 4 Rosebowls and 2 national championships. Some graduates from USC include Forrest Whitaker, Kyra Sedgwick, George Lucas, and Mark Sanchez. Included on the faculty is Dr. Paul Frommer, a linguistics professor who created the Na'vi language. The 5 true characteristics one must have to be a Trojan are FAITHFUL, SCHOLARLY, SKILLFUL, COURAGEOUS, and AMBITIOUS. USC gives over 600 million dollars in scholarships every year to make sure that financial problems do not stand in the way of a student and their proper school. The Trojan Marching Band is considered the greatest band in the history of the universe.
Interviewer: Where did you go to school?
Interviewee: I went to USC. I'm a Trojan.
Interviewer: You're hired.

Prospy 1: Did you see Tommy Trojan over there?
Prospy 2: Yeah he looks so glorious. I hope I get in and don't have to settle for UCLA...
by UCLAsucks!!! September 16, 2010
1) A popular condom that is often referred to.

2) Most of the people who put a "thumbs down" on this, means that the condom broke on them and/or they didn't put it on correctly that night and they either have a child now(on the way) and/or a nasty STD. which sucks.
1) guy1: Hey I'm about to go have sex
guy2: dude you should totally use trojan! they hardly ever slip unless you don't know how to put it on.

2) guy 1: Dude that condom broke and now my gf's pregnant with twins and i got a STD!
guy2: dude did you slip it all the way down the shaft of your penis?

guy 1: oh crap! no i just put it on half way cause it was a quickie.

guy 2: what a 'tard
by The condom Guru July 4, 2009
Garden City Mascot! AKA promotting safe sex
When your doing LIZ use a trogan.
Lauren and Kristen like to cheer for the garden city trogans!!!
by LAUREN IS A SEXY BITCH April 18, 2003
someone who is trying to get all in your business
"this pushy bitch, too much like a trojan to be up in here"
by penis August 20, 2003
a piece of malware disguised as a useful computer program
The new game is rumored to be a Trojan.
Someone who went to a good college who is loyal. They are happily employed and can only get accepted w/a 4.1 or better. Rival of a crappy school in the rich corner of L.A. Member of one of America's Elite Universities. Best Film school in america
George Lucas, the legendary director of many classic movies, was a trojan
by jruyle September 16, 2007